Action RPG “Kinnikuman Muscle Shot” holds an April Fools Day!

Kayak Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kamakura City, Representative Director CEO: Daisuke Yanagawa, Toshizawa Mothers: 3904, and the following “Kayak”) is delivered: Kinnikuman Muscle Shot, “April 1, 2022 Flame (gold) started to hold an April Foolean event.

Kayak Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kamakura City, Representative Director CEO: Daisuke Yanagawa, Toshizawa Mothers: 3904, and the following “Kayak”) is delivered: Kinnikuman Muscle Shot, “on April 1, 2022 (Fri) We started to hold April Fool’s Event.

“Kinnikuman Muscul Shot” has started delivery from March 19, 2015, has been an action RPG that can enjoy the real-time cooperation battle that you will continue to play with Kinnikumanfan, which is kinnikuman fan.

7 7 people who came from hell! Muscle Ei Pring Campaign

This app will continue to be April Fool’s Day, and we will carry out “7 people who came from hell! Muscle Eye Prescripping”.

In this campaign, new raid battle “7 people from hell?” Appeared!

In this battle, you can earn visional superman, including superhumas that only one piece appeared in Kinnikuman’s original manga.

In addition, a variety of events such as “superman Puripu · Limit”, which are limited mini versions of superman BattleLimit, which competes with the number of clear turns of the battle, and the seven devil superators who gathered We will hold a campaign.

# # New Raid Battle “7 people from hell?” Held!

· Holding period: April 1, 2022 (Fri) 12: 00-2022 April 14 (Thu) 23:59

A new raid battle “7 people from hell?” Is held!

You can earn seven visional devil superpans by clearing this battle.

These superpersons can be active in the “superman Puripu Limit” held from 4/4 (Mon).

Please aim at all 7 people.

# # Limited time superman mini BATTLELIMIT “Superman PURIPU · LIMIT” held!

· Holding period: April 4, 2022 (Mon) 12: 00-2022 (Thu) 23: 59

Superman BATTLELIMIT appears as a “superman PURIPU, LIMIT” for a limited time campaign period!

Clear the battle group consisting of all eight and compete for the shortness of the total clear turn.

Operates that can be acquired in the campaign can strengthen seven devil superats.

Let’s aim at the top ranking with devil superman who attracts the activity of vertical and horizontally!

If you play superman Puripu and Limit, the battle “A fascinated and merciless duel” will come out!

Destroy and get a man prepleman (★ 5) who drowned on the devil!

“Man Pl Priman (★ 5) who drown in the devil

# # “Popular superhuman large platter! Muscle Festival” held! Seven devil superators gathered!

· Holding period: April 1, 2022 (Fri) 12: 00-2022 April 5 (Tuesday) 11:59

“The strongest bicef of the strongest bleed of cows (★ 5)” will be held “Masthol Festival” that appears!

The special move “our seven devil supermarket!” Is a very powerful technique that gives stan and defense down abnormalities while attacking the entire stage.

In addition, it is a very unique thing that reproduces the scene that reproduces the scene where seven devil superpies appear in the original manga and the original manga.

“The strongest bicons from hell The devil superman (★ 6)”

# # “Popular superhuman large platter? Muscle Festival” held? ?

· Holding period: April 1, 2022 (Fri) 12: 00-2022 April 14 (Thu) 23:59

At the same time as “popular superhuman large platter! Muscle Festival”, we will also hold “popular superhuman large-scale? Muscle Festival”.

This is a gacha that can be pulled for free.

It is two gachas of a similar name, but it differs in various ways in addition to the name, so please enjoy the difference in the game.

“Kinnikuman His Muscle Shot” will continue to enhance and update events so that you can enjoy the users.

# About “Kinnikuman Massul Shot”

“Kinnikuman Muscul Shot” is an action RPG that can be enjoyed by easy operation with a character with a character.

The latest “Kinnikuman” and a number of supermats who appeared in “Kinnikuman II” fight a familiar technique with a strong enemy in the rings to the stage. You can collect your favorite superman and combine the team and explode the special move and tag techniques, and you can enjoy the refreshing battle.

■ Genre: Action RPG
■ Download
Google Play: ID = com.dena.a12020306
• App Store: //
■ Supported OS: Android 6.0, iOS12.0 or higher
■ Price: Free (with in-app charges) ※ Packet communication charges are required to use the app.
■ Game official site:
■ Official Twitter: https: //

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# Kayak Company Profile

Funny Corporate Kayaking strengthens the technical power, planning power and shape that is not bound by the fixed concept, and the new experience with the latest technologies and ideas It offers.

Headquartered in Kamakura, about 90% of employees is a creator personnel such as designers and programmers, and “increasing the creating person” is a unique personnel system and region that utilized diversity to the management philosophy I am doing it.

Company name: Kayak URL: City of Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture Section 11-8 Established: Janaki-cho, Janaki-cho, January 21, 2005 Representative Director: Yanagawa Daisuke Shibata Government Kaisuke Tomohara Business Content: Japan Funny Content Business

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