Fortnite Chapter 2 – New rifles and new looks

There are many new things to come Fortnite the last update of the software, giving it a brand new look in Chapter 2. This change is the most important that players have seen for a long time. There is a brand new card, mechanisms and many new challenges in the game. With every good redesign, players will have access to a range of new weapons in the game.

New weapons in the update of Chapter 2 of Fortnite

Veterans players will notice that many weapons are missing at the game. Epic Games has taken a handful of remarkable options, replacing them with updates or offering players for new options for a variety of weapons. The Bazooka bandage is a very useful weapon for the game. Thanks to it, a teammate can choose to equip this large weapon and pull it on its allies. When they hit their partners, they will receive care, giving a member of the team the opportunity to move as a healer in the group. Players should not always find this weapon, but when it appears, it can be useful.

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Yes, the Bazooka works during solo games. All that players must do is aim and press the trigger. It takes a little time to recharge the healing capabilities of the weapon, but if you are ready to wait, you can truly help your team.

Here is the rest of the weapons currently in the game and what are their rarities to make it easier to find:

Usual, rare and rare weapons
  • Assault rifle
  • Burst assault rifle (three shots)
  • Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • Sniper rifle (lock action)
  • Tactical hunting rifle


Epic and legendary weapons
  • Assault rifle (looks like a scar)
  • Burst rifle (it looks like an aug)
  • Bazoka bandage (heals yourself and your allies, there is a load on the weapon, no ammunition)
  • Pistol (looks like a modern version, with black coloring around)
  • Pump rifle (looks like an advanced caliber weapon 12)
  • Firaillette (looks like a p90, with green trim)
  • Sniper rifle (looks like a last update, pulls more regularly)

These are the great weapons that everyone is looking for in Fortnite Chapter 2 Update. Epic Games went in a different direction with their more difficult objects to find by giving them a skin update. Players will not find an epic or rare weapon with less varied skin. These exclusive weapons only work for violable and golden objects. It is thus easier for players to determine the type of weapon they are hit by another player.

The colors are still in the game. Standard gray, green, blue, purple and gold are all there. These updated skins simply allow everyone to notice a difference visually.

This trend can be expected to continue in Chapter 2 and in the other seasons.

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