Jojos Bizarre Adventure celebrates its tenth anniversary with new poster

The sleeve of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has existed since the 1980s, but when it comes to the anime, it has barely ten years since its debut.

In 2012, the original work of Hirohiko Araki received its animated adaptation thanks to David Production, and now that a decade has already passed since then, its authors have launched a new poster to commemorate the occasion.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure STONE OCEAN | Official Trailer 2 | Netflix
As you can see below, this new poster was shared by the team of jojo to celebrate its tenth anniversary that will be celebrating until October.
David Productions started in 2012 with Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency , and now the studio is working on Stone Ocean, with many more things on the horizon.
On the theme of videogames, we must also remember that Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle will be back but with an improved version, and here we tell you about all these details.

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