Twitter is working on a function to edit tweets

These last two years, Twitter has taken advantage of the April Fool’s Day to joke with the idea that they are working on a function to edit tweets, and obviously, a point came where people stopped believing them. Well, it seems that they were not really joking because they now confirmed that always, they are already investigating how to incorporate this function to the platform.

How to Edit a Tweet (2021) | Twitter Tutorial

Apparently, twitter is working on this function since last year, and are currently being tested with users of twitter blue, the premium program of the platform, to find out what works, what not, and What is posible.

At the moment, Twitter did not mention when they plan to implement this function to the rest of the users, or if it will be exclusive to Twitter Blue, for what we will have to wait a little longer to know all these details. But the good news is that sooner or later it will reach the platform.

Editor’s note: I think it was a matter of time for Twitter to test this function, although they certainly took their time. Now we will have to be even more careful with the theme of the Fake News, but surely they will let us know when a tweet was edited.

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