Pokemon GO: Purchase ticket allowing anticipated access to Regigigas

Regigigas comes to pookemon Go for the first time in an upcoming event for which players can buy tickets.

He was disclosed for a moment that Pokemon Go will charge to the actual money players for a new object called “Ticket”. This unique object worries many players, because many feared that this “ticket” object potentially gives some supporters an unfair advantage over others who can not afford.

It turns out that the “ticket” consists of accessing a special research event that will focus on Regigigas, called a Colossal Discovery. This news has been announced at the same time where RegiRock, register and registrass came back to the game.

This Colossal Discovery event will be available for players who purchase a ticket on November 2, 2019, from 11am and until 19h. Local time z1. Tickets will be available for purchase on November 2, 2019 at 5 pm local time. They will cost 7.99 USD and players can buy them in the game shop. Players can not buy tickets with pokcoins.

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The ticket provides access to the event at Colossal Discovery. This also gives them a colossal discovery medal and a new pose for their Avatar coach. Players will win ten additional raid passes during the special research mission; Players get a pass every time they turn a photo disc in a gym.

For players who do not buy a ticket, the regigigas will be available during the EX raids at a later date in November. This event will be the first time that Regigigas will be available in Pokémon Go.

Regigigas is a legendary Pokémon introduced into _diamant and pearl, the fourth generation of Pokémon games. It is a giant titan, and it is considered the master of Regis (RegiRock, Regice and Registnel). The disadvantage of Regigigas lies in its capacity, slow start; This capacity divides by two his attack and speed statistics for the first five rounds of a battle. Regigigas is a pure pokemon of normal type, making it vulnerable to combat and insensitive movements to ghost movements.

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