Even though it is a card game, Hakusura! “DEAD GRID” is approaching to the attractiveness of “DEAD GRID” ]

“Playing in Digivo!” Special feature of attractive digital board games with board game elements, card game elements, table talk RPG (TRPG) elements. This time, we will deliver the zombie survival card game “ Dead Grid ” with the Hakusura element, which is set to the end of the century.

This work has been delivered early access versions on Steam on March 24, 2022 by Atom Void. Speaking of a survival card game with zombies, “Chenso Warrior” is called as a famous work in the board game world. It is a board game for solo play published in 1987 from Games Workshop, famous for its “Warhammer” series. Digital versions were also released at STeam, but since the Copyright agreement has expired on May 31, 202, it will not be possible to purchase now. Although the difficulty and concepts are high, the rules are also easy to understand, and there was a growing factor, so it was a very white game.

This work is also a survival card game, but it is not something that can be cleared in a short time, such as “Chenso Warrior”. There are also Hakusura elements, growth elements, etc., and it is a work of the type to play carefully. Let’s play quickly what kind of game!

# Fight against zombie!

At the start of the game, the player can choose one of eight mercenaries. There are also up to 5 people in the game (up to 5 people). Mercenaries are characterized and have a buffet to raise the ability of the entire team if it is the “ reader ” type. You can choose the leader type nick as it does not know what is good.

Suddenly the game starts. On the map screen, you can decide which area to move to any area (only adjacent areas). As we can only proceed in one direction, let’s move forward as it is. The blue square of the screen is an area where you can move.

When you enter the area, it will be a card game screen. The hand sheet is a player. It is only one person now. An enemies and objects appear in the upper column. For objects, if you drag and drop player characters, you will search for and take items.

Get weapons “ wood ” for proximity attacks. It means that this is directly defeated zombies. The number at the lower left of the card is “ attack power “, and the lower right represents “ durability “. Every time you attack, weapons will be degraded and will eventually break.

The item you picked is lined up below the screen, so if it is equipped, you must drag and drop it onto the character card. Wood is attack power 9 , but the nick itself is attack power 2 , so it will be 11 . If there is no weapon, it is an attack with bare hands (attack power 2).

Sometobi appeared immediately! If you drag and drop a character card for attacking, you can attack. The green circle above the character card is “ stamina ” and will decrease every time you attack (no attack is possible if the stamina runs out). The lower left of the character card is “ attack power “, and the lower right number is “ HP “.

Double zombies to kill two areas clear! Clear conditions are various depending on the area. This time it was a zombie and a one-on-one battle, but it is also possible to attack in a group, so it is better to find friends early.

# Power up using base!

Let’s go to the next area. If you clear the target area in the map, the mission will be completed.

From a police car in the area, get Hi-gun ! The wood was a short distance attack, but the firearm is a long distance attack. There is no weapon degradation by attacking the enemy, but will not be attacked when it comes to . Also, as you issue a large sound **, the probability of attacking the waiting zombies attacks. That amount, the attack power is higher than the near-distance attack (though it depends on the weapon).

Since zombies appeared, let’s use a handgun immediately. A short distance of attacks and long distance can be switched right-click of the mouse. It is good to change the attack method according to the enemy. In addition, firearms need attention because they may remove the attack. If you really hit it, you should use a short distance attack.

A handgun does not hit because of the status of the character use character. Since the enemy’s HP is a little bit, it is a short distance attack! Sometimes the attack scene may be displayed in the movie, it is a bit happy.

Clear all areas in the map and make a mission complete! You can earn “ skill points ” and “ reputation ” as a clear reward. As the reputation increases, you will be able to scout excellent human resources.

When the mission is finished, it will be base mode . Here you can buy and sell items, change human resource scouts, equipment changes, skills up, strengthening weapons, etc. The game will go ahead with this base and missions.

Weapon reinforcement allows you to integrate them and upgrade them to powerful weapons if there are two same weapons. By combining two shovels, the shovel of attack power 13 is completed! Because the handgun is attack power 12, shovel has become stronger.

Go to the next mission. The mission has a recommended unit level, and it will be a tough fight if it is not more than that. Current unit levels are 4. The recommended level of mission is 3, so I think that there is no problem (possibly). And the mission can be challenged after clearing, but the recommended level will rise each time.

Unlike the one-hand road map, this time has increased this time. If you enter “? Mark ” on the screen, an event will occur. It is also possible to go to the purpose for the mission clear, but you can get it and get items. Let’s decide the strategy while consulting with the remaining HP.

Unlike earlier, more enemies came to appear. The player character can only be done in the turn, so it is quite disadvantageous. It is also possible to search for object cards, but it will be an enemy’s turn, so it is better to defeat the enemy first.

When searching for a car card, three items are discovered! However, it is not possible to get three, and you have to choose one of these. It has become a feeling of playing Deck Builded Rogue Like.

I went through the map and found the survivors who are the purpose of the mission. But the enemy attacks more and more. It has become a quite tough fight. Introduce the item picked up along the way, such as the flame bottle, and somehow defeat! Mission clear.

# Collect friends!

The survivors who found this time have become friends at the base. There are two types of fellows, mercenaries that participate in battle, and survivors who support missions at the base. This time is a support type.

In the mission, pick up a lot of items. What does not need were sold more and more. Shops are selling things likely to be good, but because they are Hakusura type games, let’s go on site as much as possible.

Skill upgrade screen. You can consume your skills and raise your favorite skills (the skill type you can choose for each mercenary). This is selected because the fighting skill “ black band ” is good. Enemy attacks with probability (change at level) Paris , and even 50% probability.

Character status up screen. You can level up near distance, far-range attacks and their own skills. There are many types of weapons, so it looks good to squeeze and raise the level. In particular, unless long distance attacks increase the hit rate, disadvantages in the actual battle are quite large.

I found the first party member in the next mission. Name is Grave . This will make a lot of battle. A long distance attack of the fellow is not a handgun bow . Attack power is also quite high upon a large sound.

After a while, the mission to be received has also increased. You can also re-challenge the mission you made once. Challenge various missions and earn items and levels.

Friends can also be hired from the base menu, in addition to searching for missions. There was a person called Spencer , but because there is not enough reputation ** “, it was not possible to get it. You have to make more missions and have reputed.

I was really severe when I tried a little more severe mission. The enemy will come out, and the stamina and the ammunition are exhausted. There is a “ shield ” as a nearby weapon, and the attack power is low, but can be attacked by an enemy.

Therefore, I will take an attack with a shield of the grave who became a companion. However, it turns out that the stamina decreases even if it is attacked. There is almost no stamina, are you already loading this?

This attack was lucky and fired to gasoline, and the flame has spread on the adjacent card. It will give you durable damage for each turn. Because the bullets have been exhausted, both two people are equipped with a signboard and focus on defense. Thanks to combustion damage, the mission clear is quite girly! It was an attack one-way, but I have to think about protection. But it was a pretty tight mission.

I got plenty of items, so I will sell and strengthen at the base. Such a place is Hakusura game-like fun. Let’s challenge this mission as well, and aim to improve powerful weapons and reputation. Please try playing with your own hand.

# Addictive Haxler Card Game

This work is also a survival logic, but it is an exquisite game balance because there is a fostering factor that the player character powers up more and more by repeating the mission. The loop is fun to increase the level and reputation and challenge further missions by increasing the level and reputation. It is finished in a highly addictive game.

Not only card screens, but also attack movies will come out occasionally, too. This work is only English, but since there are few long text, I think that if you read the explanation such as the effects of the weapon and the status of the status, you can play if you can play. It is still early access, but it is a work with high completion even at this time, so if you are interested please play by all means.

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