Narasaki wins to kick off in Meiringen

Hannah Meul had shown her good form in Meiringen from the beginning: in qualifying, the 21-year-old was fifth fifth, in the semifinals she landed on the unthodistic seventh place – only the best six moved into the final. Meul needed too many attempts for their two tops and three zones and therefore landed behind Ito Futaba (Japan) and Andrea Kümin from Switzerland.

Place one, place one, place one – these were the placements of Janja Garnbret in the three rounds in the Bernese Oberland. In the final, the Olympic champion of Tokyo made the American Natalia Grossmann and Local Matadorin Kümin. In all three rounds, the Slovenin reached the top handle each and showed their threatening dominance again at the start of the season.

Besides Meul Kam Lucia Dörffel (Chemnitz) was in place 19, Roxana Wienand (Aschaffenburg) became a total of 83 participants 41., Leonie Lochner (Ebenhausen) 55th and Sandra Hopsitz (Freifried) landed in 61 place.

Qualifications best moments || Meiringen 2022

GOOD Start for Megos – Endstation Semifinals

In the gentlemen, three Japanese stood in the final of the best six, in the end Tomoa Narasaki prevailed in front of his compatriot Yoshiyuki Ogata. The Olympic Fourth also achieved “only” two top grips and three zones, but he needed significantly fewer attempts so that the victory in Meiringen was decided.

Alexander Megos Picture Alliance / Keystone

For Alexander Megos, the competition prelude had well started in Switzerland. The Erlanger had landed in the first qualifying round in five place, but the 28-year-old in the semifinals with place 16 the entry into the final clearly missed. Megos only get a top handle and four zones.

In addition to Megos, the other German sports climbers placed as follows: Christoph Schweiger became 25th, Kim Marschner 55., Max Kleesattel 57. And Lasse of free occupied place 77. Overall, 111 sports climbers started in Meiringen.

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