The new mobile game is announced Kingdom Hearts

A new mobile game has been announced in the Kingdom Hearts series by Square Enix. Early this morning, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the action RPG series, Square Enix revealed that it is currently in the process of development. Corazones of the kingdom 4. And although this ad is one in which many fans were obviously obsessed, it was not the only new game of the series that was shown.

Follow the current CORAZONS OF THE KINGDOM 4 SQUARE ENIX also unveiled Slibe Lost of Kingdom Hearts, which will reach iOS and Android devices in the future. Details surrounding enlace lost are still scarce, but the title seems to be quite similar compared to several of the main games. Characters such as Sora, Donald or Goofy did not show themselves in the initial images of enlace lost but instead, they presented some new faces that will make their debut in the franchise within this delivery.

«Fans can also wait Labón lost from Kingdom Hearts, a completely new game for IOS and Android devices, which allows players to embark on adventures from the kingdom of Scala ad Caelum to the real world,” said Square Enix in a press release Attached on what the title will have reserved. Players can participate in exciting battles against Heartless and discover a new and original story. A beta test closed is planned for 2022 “.

As mentioned, Lost of Kingdom Hearts_ is mentioned, it seems to boast of both combat and visual effects similar to those of other games, particularly that of Corazones of the kingdom 3. Although the Kingdom Hearts series is not new for mobile devices, this style is definitely for the platform. Union of hearts of the kingdom χ which is the name of the other mobile entrance of the series, presents cartoon style images compared, which makes it much more unique within the biggest franchise.

What do you think that Square Enix continues to expand the story of Kingdom Hearts with a new game for mobile devices? Are you interested in playing this title for yourself, or are you more focused on what is happening with Corazones of the kingdom 4? Let me know for yourself in the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.

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