GTA 6 Insider shares good news about the release date

According to an outstanding member of Rockstar Games, GTA 6 The release date is not as far as everyone thinks. Many Grand Theft Auto Fans are operating under the assumption that the next grand theft auto is still far away, which is a reasonable expectation considering that the game has not yet been revealed. With GTA 5 and _ ARICA RED 2_ – The most recent Games of Rockstar Games – two years separated the revelation and launch. There is no reason to expect this pattern to break, which would mean that there is no reason to expect that GTA 6 There is something closer than two years away. Apparently, it is, which is good news for grand theft auto desperate fanatics for playing the game.

The report comes by the path of Tez2, who recently transmitted the news that the game is only 12 to 18 months of its launch, which would mean that it will be launched at some point next year. The informant mocked this information responding to the rumors that GTA 6 was rebooted by 2020, which, if true, would mean that the game is not close to its release. However, according to TEZ2, these rumors are not true.

“In the current times when you hear that Rockstar improves working conditions and tries to reduce the crisis, do you really think a reboot will occur when we are like a year or a year and a half since the launch,” said the source.

This is the best news Grand Theft Auto Fans have heard about GTA 6 for a while, since previous rumors suggested that their release date would probably be in the second half of this decade, and this can end up being the case, but The TEZ2 is as reliable as it seems when it comes to Rockstar Games.. Despite this, everything here must be taken with tweezers. Even if this information is accurate, it is also subject to change, and the internal launch date objectives change all the time. That said, and for what is worth, we have heard a similar framework.

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