Tencent, VPN abroad interruption

Tencent said on the 13th, and its VPN service homepage, the existing Tencent online game accelerator (腾讯 网 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加) said that it is changed to a Tencent Games (腾讯 腾讯戏). Game acceleration is a word that refers to the VPN service specialized in the game in China.

In this bulletin, Tencent explained that its VPN service would only support its server in China with its change in May 31, on May 31. In addition, the user who wants to refund to the user who wants to write account information in the Refund request box in the Refund request box will be refunded within a quick seal.

In China, VPN services are prohibited, but they have been subjected to some of the networks that are not uneven and networked in China, and the network speed is slow, and several companies have been subjected to services for VPN services as a name such as ‘Game Accelerator’, ‘Online Accelerator’. Some of the concatenated games have been provided by default, as well as games that are served in China, as well as a VPN, which is based on the type of VPN, or an additional rate, and upgraded.

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However, on November 14, 2021, “Internet access to bypass or penetrate or penetrate internet access, server building, technical support, promotion, app download, payment, including program, equipment, path or service, including “The draft of the Network Data Security Management Regulations of the content is announced, and Tencent is as long as Tencent limits the VPN service to a game that serves as a game that serves as a game.

Meanwhile, in China, the online game company, the online game company, from September 1, announced the announcement of the online game company on Friday, Saturdays, Sundays, and the court of 20 or from 20:00 to 1 hour from 20:00 to 21:00, The game has been limited to the game industry. In these measures, not only the game, but also the VPN companies such as Biubiu, etc., have been affected by the entire industry, such as limiting the use of minors under the age of 18 from early September, as well. Pan writes resumed from April 11, but VPN is separate from the game, which is contrary to the Chinese government’s golden shield system and network safety law in 2017, which is to avoid crackdowns unless otherwise passed. The restriction measures of them are expected to continue.

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