How to become a model in BitLife

If you want to make a career very beautiful, then you will want to decorate the magazine pages and create the most fashionable image. This can be done in the BitLife game, but you need to know what you need to do to get this career. As soon as you learn steps, you must be able to put your things with the best of them.

To become a model in BitLife, you just need to graduate from high school and have high appearance. To improve your appearance, you can go to the gym, walk, engage in martial arts and even make plastic surgery! When you are ready to look for a job, just find the model of the foot on the “Work” tab. When you hire you, you can simply work hard every year and move to work up to the model.

Tips and tricks

Start your character from finding high characteristics of appearance, and that’s all. You can be born almost anywhere, and you will not worry the school. When you become quite adults, be sure to go to the gym and walk. It should even increase your appearance statistics and hopefully exceeds 80%, which should be enough.

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Surrender throughout life and finish high school as fast as you want. In fact, you do not need to do anything but to maintain your appearance. After graduation, it’s time to look for work. You are specially looking for a job model. It is half an easy, but should appear quite often. If you do not see it, you can build up or close your application to get a new job set to choose from!

When you get the work model, be sure to use the “hard work” option in the “Work” menu. Ultimately, you must become a manual model, then the directory model, a model of underwear and, finally, the podium model. As soon as you reach the final stage of the model career, you will become famous and supermodel!

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