Release Filters of GTA 5 Remaster PC Online

The release of the new Grand Theft Auto V Remaster for Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 has left many asking if the PC version will get some of its updates. Although the PC version is already a beautiful game and has all kinds of unique features such as modding, which has led to things like RP servers, new remasters include new visual effects and improvements. The new GTA 5 Remaster is a marginal update of the previous version of the game, but it is a better version of the game, even if it is not necessarily worth paying a higher price.

That said, it seems that the new version of Grand Theft Auto V is coming to the PC. The ESRB, an Official Classification Board used in the United States, has enumerated the most recent Remasterization for PC (through GTANet). Although it could be a mistake, it seems unlikely, since these things are part of a long shipping process and it would have made more sense that it was included by mistake before launch on Xbox series X | S and PS5, not a month later of course, Until it is confirmed, fanatics can only speculate. From now on, the game has a discount on consoles until June. It is possible that Rockstar Lance The new version for PC when the time comes. Since the PC version already has better picture and resolution speeds, it is not clear if RockStar will offer additional updates for free or not. It would be a little insulting to further charge the PC players for an even more marginal update, but only time will tell you.

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The new version of GTA 5 also includes GTA +, a subscription service for GTA online players is likely that this service is implemented on the PC if this remaster reassures the platform. It is also expected that this new version will obtain exclusive updates in the future, but it is not clear if the PC version will need a total update to receive these updates. This could also lead to GTA online Getting an independent launch on PC, something that happened at Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5.

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