Kandagawa Jet Girls Review – race to the middle

Xseed, or Marvelous Inc., has a rich history in Waifu’s pure power in their games. Things like pinball, cooking, Ninja fights and water guns have all received the Treatment Senran Kagura. Now, run with jet skis is the last kingdom to get upgrading the beautiful girls / small outfits. The eternal question persists however. Are these games… good? Or is Kandagawa Jet Girls still another vehicle for dressing assemblies and car wash competitions? My cautious optimism is still unfounded, my friends.

Kandagawa Jet Girls (ACTUAL Game Review) [PC]
Kandagawa Jet Girls (KJG abbreviated) follows a crew of “high school” students with impossible proportions while engaging in jet races in no time. Literally, every conflict on the screen, as minor, is resolved by a tear on the river. Someone wants an autograph? I draw! Do you argue for the last box of macaroons? I draw !! You are trying to decide who will benefit from the Jet Race training space? It’s time for a jet race, baby! Cute girls who build fragile excuses for One More Race, it’s all the story. So, how is this jet racing? Well, after finally running dozens of races with most characters, it’s… good? It’s perfectly acceptable.

Of course, you can not always turn and shoot at the same time. But there is a generous boost system, many weapons to play and obstacles to avoid. You can also count on special movements to give you a slight advantage at critical moments. Not that I never needed it. You see, the trick with the reaction races is that they are really easy. Once I had the first place, I did not lose it unless you do something really ridiculous. One of the bonus stars you get in some races is to “explode everyone at a time”. Yet how can I reach this noble goal if everyone is constantly behind me? Getting these bonus stars is quite difficult, but the races themselves are a breeze.

Bonus Stars – Additional goals that you can check by performing certain tasks during the race – are the only real challenge you encounter in solo. There is a rotary mission carousel to achieve, flash balloons in ramp figures. In doing so, you unlock customization options, which is my main motivation to play game. While the rest of the graphics is good, the character models are excellent. Textures, animations and high quality effects give each runner a great look. If you have no interest in unlocking outfits, there is little incentive to perfect your skills. Races only require your presence and also suffer loading times.

The only reason I have not finished the quest lines of each team is the loading that it implies. Each race, each section and kinematics requires another loading screen. Let’s hope that a succession of fixes will correct this problem, but the current state of things is quite dark. Maybe these excellent character models require a mad amount of memory to appear? Whatever the reason, the loading screens make every activity lasts almost twice as long. In fact, the amount of loading with respect to the amount of race you do is almost equal.

All customization is powered by points. These are gaining both during races and mini-games, but do not deceive you. You can accumulate more points with a single race jet cleaning session than with several hours of shopping. If your ultimate goal is to give each runner a shine of neon and lace, there is no faster way than subordinate work. The mini-games are also very fun? They offer a delicious distraction while you get up for each variety of pea bikini. Whether to wash your jet back, hitting the treadmill or wipe a kind of bridge, you will have a good time. Maybe even more than when you run!

Whether you like Kjg depends on the type of pleasure you are looking for. If you want a race game, it may not be for you. If you want to lorgate and / or go glamor a team of animated girls, then you are at a good time. This is one of the central principles of the Xseed and Honey Parade range range. Whatever the main activity announced, it’s probably not what prompted you to buy the game. And honestly, the extra content is usually more fun anyway. The mini-games, customization, object collection and the light fans service are the areas where games like Kandagawa Jet Girls shine the most. As long as you understand this warning, you will have a ton of pleasure crazy and slightly perverse.



  • Models of first order characters
  • Many customization options
  • Some delicious mini-games


The bad

  • So many loading screens
  • Courses almost too easy
  • Combat mechanics feel nailed

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