Schmadtke is at Kohfeldt and wonder about Baku

The VFL is entrenched. In this spring-like week, there is nothing to see for the Wolfsburg trailers and nothing to hear from the players. All training units up to the game on Friday (20.30 pm, live! At Weekly Drive) against Mainz take place under the exclusion of the public, instead of the professional footballer will not give it.

Full of focus on the FSV: “A trailing game with great importance,” says Managing Director Jörg Schmadtke not for the first time this season. He knows about the descent fight: “We still need points.” His hope of Last to Augsburg (0: 3) and before Bielefeld (4: 0) is that the team, which blacked in Dortmund into his items, is aware: “I hope the team shows a reaction again And also think that they will come. “

That this sounds like dietary severes, the manager is aware of. We do not attract far-reaching consequences from the debacle of the weekend. Even coach Florian Kohfeldt, which is missing alone with games like the last two away the arguments, continues to enjoy trust – even beyond this season. “I’m going out,” says Schmadtke, “that we hold the class in this constellation and go to the coming season.” Resurement, which is necessary due to the current holding, but at the latest after the 34th match day of a review requires, after all, Kohfeldt would start with a heavy mortgage if the VFL does not yet have an extreme performance exchange, would start with a serious mortgage.

Schmadtke because of Baku: “With us you always tried to give everything”

First of all, the worries the presence is the focus anyway. And most of all, the players who finally have to accomplish the league on the lawn. The bankruptcy on Saturday showed, so Schmadtke, “that the team is not stable”. And it is also clear: “We will not be able to get lasting stability until the end of the season.” That’s why it’s just the goal of finishing this messed season “that it has the smallest possible damage”. It’s just about the rescue.

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For the reasons of the VfL crash, Schmadtke does not want to concrete at the present time that his team has switched to convenience mode after the past success season, but can not be of hand. “The 4th place did that,” the 58-year-old admits and is also surprised by his professionals. National Ridle Baku last led to the decanding success hunger (“You may say that you were full of the previous season that you may have made one, two percentage points less”) as an explanation for the problems. Schmadtke: “I’m wondering about this statement, maybe I’ll come from another generation. With us you always tried to give everything. Otherwise you could not exist.”

On Friday evening, the VFL professionals should come back to their performance limit. Schmadtke himself is unlike the Bielefeld game does not come back to the team and hold a brand speech. “I think,” says the boss, “that the game in Dortmund was so clear that it does not need such a thing. Who does not start with yourself now, do not help words.”

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