Hunters for “Star Wars” – Tips and Recommendations

Star Wars Hunters is a bright and exciting game of 4 on 4, in which the players are invited to destroy another team of hunters. Start working in this world and feel like a good member of your team may seem difficult, but it is quite simple if you keep cool and know your strategy.

Best tips for beginner hunters for “Star Wars”

  • Consider the class you chose and play accordingly. The hunters in the game are broken into three classes: damage, support and tank. Make sure you have chosen a damage character if you plan to participate in action, not a support character.
  • Moving goals are harder to hit than fixed. In this case, you are a target for your enemies. When you first play, focus on the fact that you are not killed before you begin to make tons of murder yourself. This will help your team more so that you do not interfere and do not die often. Learn to dilute from shots in you and maneuver on the maps.

Tips for BEGINNERS - Star Wars: Hunters!

  • Do not be afraid to rely on auxiliary tools such as automatic fire. It may be natural to resist adding additions to your gameplay because of the fear of getting too much help and not develop naturally. But it is important to take into account the fact that most other players use this feature, and you only worsen your progress without including it. Feel free to play without him, just know that this is not a sign that a weak player uses help.
  • Select the time to use your ultimate with the mind. Your Ultimate gives your character a lot of power that can equalize the playing field. But it also meets with a longer recovery time. A beginner player may seem tempting to use ult to the moment when you need help, but it can harm you by making you weaker and vulnerable to attacks.


When you start playing Star Wars Hunters, focus on knowing the class of your character and its strengths. Do not be afraid to refrain from many murders in favor of studying strategic actions and choosing a successful moment to use your ultimate. Use auxiliary tools such as automatic fire to make sure that other characters do not have too much advantage over you.

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