Diablo 2 Resurrected: Act 2 Alte Tunnels – Farm im Top-Magian Found

The old tunnels are buried under the sand of a slow-rich region known as the verted city. The city is nestled between the distant oasis and the valley of the snakes in Act 2. The network of cross and transverse gears and dead ends now houses the ancient undead, which found their home between the ruins and crumbling walls.

Because of the utter _ amazement coldty monster monster_ this dungeon is undoubtedly the best farm area for, for example, the blizzard sorceress or the hurricane druids. However, many other builds can effectively farm these zones and benefit from the narrow card layout and the golden chest in the end!

Diablo 2 Resurrected - 100 runs in hell Ancient Tunnels! Is this area worth farming? You decide!


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Why the old tunnels farms?

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Act 2 Old Tunnels – The old tunnels are centers about half a dozen Bosspacks with views of a very good prey Source: tunnels farms The old tunnels are a zone of the regional level 85 (Area Level, short: Alvl) In Diablo 2 resurrected and thus a top magic and dungeon. Elite packs in this area can drop each set and unique item in the game, which makes them incredibly valuable for farms. The targeted hunt for unique and champion packs can bring you tons of these items that are of magical or higher quality. This is especially relevant to the so-called “Holy Grailing”. Holy Grail describes the goal of finding each unique and set item of the game at least once.

Here are a few prominent examples of items that can drop in the old tunnels in the game of play “hell”:


  • Andariel’s Antlitz
  • grab eye
  • Harlekinskrone
  • Crown of the Easen
  • Night swinging veil


  • Dracul’s handle
  • war traveler
  • spider monster network
  • Storm sign
  • Dinging Heart Band


  • anger of the high prince
  • Maras Kaleidoscope


  • Tal Rashas Cases
  • Trang Ouls Avatar
  • Immortal king

In addition, the normal monsters Items can be dropped for high-ranking Rune words , such as Monarch shields for “mind” or giant leader for “infinity”.

Experience points

Since the old tunnels have the area level 85, Elite packs have the monster level (MLVL) 88, which makes them good for farming experience to late 90s. For builds that are particularly suitable in this dungeon, the minimum requirement for equipment to farm here safely and efficiently, very low. Often, here from Level 75 is temporary and 85+ quickly reached.

Golden box

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Act 2 Old Tunnels – The Golden Box can contain very good booty Source: tunnels farms The Golden Chest is located on the left of the entrance, that means you orient you while hiking through the dungeon always on the left wall.

  • This chest can contain Gree quantities on magical, rare, set or unique items. It is even possible that a golden chest contains several sets or unique items.
  • Most drop patterns of this chest are not influenced by the crowd of mague and on the character! Even lower magic and builds can benefit from the Drops.
  • The drops are influenced by the player settings. The higher the number of players, the more Drops!
  • The only limitation is that this chest not can drop every item in the game, as it can be monsters in this area. It is a smaller reward for farming here.

Tips and Tricks

How do I find the old tunnels?

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Act 2 Old Tunnels – The entrance to the tunnels is a trap door marked as a red rectangle on the map Source: tunnels farms The old tunnels are from the waypoint of the forgotten city out in act 2 to find. On Battle.net, the cards are random, so you must seek the trap door , which marked the entrance, in the midst of the many dilapidated house structures. The trap door is noted as a relatively well-recognizable rectangle on the map. In addition, (in Diablo 2 Resurrected) is close to the fall door a strong bleeding desert oil danger to better identification.

Finds every monster pack

In contrast to other areas, elite packs often spawn in the old tunnels. Monsterpacks can be in each corridor and in every open chamber. Therefore, pay attention to checking every section of the dungeon during your hunt, so that you do not miss any additional packs!

hardcore: goes out of the way

IM Video up you see an old tunnel run with a spearamazone in “hell” difficulty

While each monster is dangerous with the “right” elite affixes, the horror magician can be truly scary – they are evil “glass cannons”! Her lightning damage emissions is much bigger than that of the other mobs and they are the only ranged monsters here. Therefore ensures that your flash resistance is at least 75% and you prioritize it on the equipment!

Another good technique is to stay in motion during farming. Since the horror magicians have a generous delay time between the attacks, they can avoid the largest part of their damage. Also prioritizes killing these mobs, while the slower (undead) monsters move to you and your mercenaries.


Diablo 2 Resurrected: Act 2 Old Tunnels – The Hurricane / Tornado Druid specialized in cold is ideal for farming the Zone Source: tunnels farms

  • The old tunnels are a farm area of the area level 85. The monsters here can drop each set and unique item ** in the game!
  • There are no cold entrants , so chooses a strong build with high cold damage to benefit from it. The blizzard sorceress is the queen of tunnel.
  • The Golden Chest can drop great prey based on the player settings. Lifts a few keys if locked.

The info in this game tip is based on the guide of the website maxroll.gg.

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