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Large strategy in the SCI-FI genre: April ends with two delicacies for PC players. In addition, there is a narrative kleeder and replenishment of sports activities in the coming week.

Dune: Spice Wars | 26th of April


2021 Dune has returned to the cinema wall. Director Denis Villeneuve has successfully implemented the novel template and ensured new interest in the brand. In this direction is now also Dune: Spice Wars , a new strategy game in the universe of Dune.

  • Here is Dune: Spice Wars on Steam

The core is a 4x strategy game in the style of Civilization , ie: You take care of all matters of your respective factions. You have to build settlements, conduct research, maintain diplomatic relationships and of course put you fighting for fighting. Speaking of Fractions: With the houses Atreides and Harconnen, as well as the frems and smuggling glasses are at the beginning of four different fractions to choose from, each having their own strengths and weaknesses.

On April 26, Dune is: Spice Wars but not finished yet. Instead, the release takes place in the early access at Steam and still without campaign and multiplayer mode. However, these should follow in the course of development.

Galactic Civilizations 4 | 26th of April


In addition to Dune, on April 26th, another release of a 4x strategy game: Galatic Civilizations 4 . Here, too, everything revolves around the global strategy in which you are responsible for technological progress, conquest field trains, diplomatic alliances and much more.

At the beginning you have only one home planet available in Galactic Civilizations 4 and must first take steps. Gradually, however, you can explore the universe **, take new worlds, operate trade with other peoples and so on. For the fourth series part, the developers promise a new mission system, a stronger adaptation of their own civilization and revised struggles.

As is common for a strategy game, Galactic Civilizations 4 appears only for the PC. Portrungs for the consoles are not yet announced.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe | April 27th


Good nine years after the release of the original and over two and a half years after the announcement, the Ultra Deluxe version of The Stanley Parable is d1. The new edition of the unusual first-person adventure will take you another time in the skin of the staff Stanley.

  • Click here for The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe on Steam

The peculiarity of the game in the narrative structure: A narrator heads and guides you either by the game , comments on all actions on your part, offers you decisions or takes you again immediately and breaks down the fourth wall immediately. In the new version The Stanley Parable offers especially new content, new secrets and some graphic improvements.

There is also a decisive innovation, because The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe not only appears for the PC. For the first time, console players can explore the world of Stanley.

Rogue Legacy 2 | April 21


Rogue Legacy 2 is at first glance a successor, as it stands in the book. The developers focus mainly on the strengths of the first part, ie rogue-lite mechanics combined with a inheritance system. That is Level for your characterwork are also randomly generated like opponents, falling and spaces. And if you die, then your character is lost.

  • Click here for Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam

However, this does not affect the erflinia, because your new character is one of the children of the previous hero . Your successor or succession then has new attributes and a new class, which will act very differently in the levels. New in Rogue Legacy 2, on the one hand, the heirlooms that can give you permanent abilities and, on the other hand, the relics that modify certain values and lost in death.

Since August 2020 Rogue Legacy 2 is already in the Early Access at Steam. Now follows the release of the full version, which also allows the jump of the game to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

The Complete Rogue Legacy Walkthrough: Bosses, Classes, Traits, Runes, Blueprints and Equipment

Nintendo Switch Sports | April 29


Nintendo Switch Sports is exactly what the name is already clearly revealing: a successor to Wii Sports focused on the strengths of the current Nintendo console. As a player, you expect to release six different sports , in which you can let trip alone, with friends on the sofa or online.

Sports include volleyball, bowling, tennis, football, chanbara and badminton.
For the fall 2022, a free update is already announced, which will then be added to the repertoire.
New in Nintendo Switch Sports is also the possibility that your new garments are unlocked for your self-created character.
The platform is likely to surprise anyone at the name.
Nintendo Switch Sports, of course, appears exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.
Finally, do sports on the switch again or plan the very big strategy knobs: where it turns towards the next week, as always completely up to you.
Alternatively, it cribes you in the fingers to experience a very unusual adventure with Stanley.

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