Salto: 8 Films and Super Series

Are you lacking superhero? We have what you need. The writing of JV today offers 8 films and series of superheroes to discover or rediscover on the platform of streaming “Made in France” Salto.



Birdman is a superhero story not like the others. Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and released in 2015, Birdman tells us the story of Riggan Thomson, played by Michael Keaton. Riggan was once worldly known for his role as Birdman in a trilogy of… superheroes. Today, the actor is trying to find his past glory by adapting the new “talk-me love” on the boadway boards. On the other hand, Riggan has a little concern. The character of Birdman still lives, in the own sense and figuratively. He sometimes thinks he can fly or move objects by thought. The worst is that he hears the voice and sarcasm of his character in his mind, to the point that he is influenced. In addition, there are problems with his family, his loved ones and his past, a few days before the first of his room. The film was a real critical and rewarded success of Oscars from the best film and the best director.

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Mix the X-Men with the style of the Stephen King writer and you get… Freaks . Released in 2018, the film is directed by Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein. Chloe is a 7 year old girl who has never seen the sun. His father keeps him in captivity, because according to him, she is “different”. The outside world is a danger for it. One day, she is attracted by the music of an ice vendor. Wanting to discover the world, Chloe decides to brave the forbidden of his father and goes up in the Mr Snowcone truck. She discovers a society divided with on one side the “normal” and the other the “abnormal”. These are discriminated against and put to the ban of the company. It is at this moment that it realizes that it has powerful powers.

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Before becoming Captain America, Chris Evans incarnated other characters with particular donations. In Push , it interprets Nick which has telecometing powers. It is far from being the only one to have these kinds of abilities. Whether telekinesia, mental control or divination, the number of adolescents with special skills only increased. The government is interested in them because they could play a key role in national security. A real witch hunt starts pushing the few survivors to take refuge in Hong Kong. They decide to unite their strength to deal with those who chase them. The film, released in 2009, is done by Paul McGuigan.

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Scott Pilgrim vs. THE WORLD

Originally, Scott Pilgrim is a series of independent comics published from 2004 to 2010, written and designed by Bryan Lee O’Malley. In view of the delirious potential of the work, the adaptation on the big screen was entrusted to Edgar Wright. This is the first time the Head of the Celebrissime Trilogy Cornetto turns without Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Released in 2010, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World stages Scott Pilgrim, 22-year-old, bassist in the city of Toronto. His life switches the day when it falls under the spell of Ramona, pink-haired deliverer. She has everything to please, except a small detail… the league of her former psychopathic friends who controls her sentimental life. The more he tries to get closer to her, the more furious madmen of the past of Ramona refocate surface. To hope to go out with her, Scott will have to defeat them one by one to show himself worthy of his love.

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Stargirl is a series created by Geoff Johns and broadcast since 2021 on Salto. It currently has 2 seasons. Courtney Whitmore is a high school student who has just moved into the Nebraska Little Bagade, Blue Valley. However, in the moving boxes, she discovers a scepter to the mysterious powers hidden by her father-in-law Pat Dugan. It turns out to be Stripesy, the former partner of the Starman superheroes. After his death, having led to the disappearance of the justice society of America, the scepter finds himself without owner until he chooses Courtney. It then becomes Stargirl and sought to face the American injustice company installed in Blue Valley.

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Do you like completely uninhibited movies? If this is the case, Super is for you. Behind this 2011 movie hides the Tranlion James Gunn, director of the galaxy guards and the Suicide Squad. He tells the story of Frank of Arbo, a cook misunderstood without warning his wife. Franck quickly falls into depression until the day when a vision strikes: become a superhero. In his quest for justice, he will find inspiration in comics. With a homemade costume and an English key for only weapon, it becomes red lightning. Accompanied by his Libby acolyte, BD saleswoman, he fights the crime in order to reconquer his beloved Sarah. In a style close to the Kick-Ass saga, this vision of the Superheroes way James Gunn manages to parody the kind with brio.

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Superman & Laws

Superman & Lois is a new adaptation of the steel man on small screen. The series, created by Greg Berlanti, came out in 2021 and currently has 2 seasons. After dealing with many threats to Metropolis, Clark Kent and Loïs Lane decide to get green with their two children, Jonathan and Jordan, settling in Smallville. However, the two teenagers quickly discover the secret identity of their father. As they wanted to have a calm and peaceful life, Loïs and Clark will have a lot to do. Between the Krypton powers of Jordan, the ladle of millionaire Morgan Edge in Smallville and a mysterious killer wanting to exterminate Superman, their daily lives will not be rest.

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Vigilant is a movie released in 2019 directed by Sarah Daggar-Nickson. Olivia Wilde embodies Sadie, a woman broken by life, but even more by her husband. It is always traumatized by the physical and psychological injuries inflicted by its ex-husband and the loss of his son only makes the nail. For anyone else to suffer what she has lived, she will get imprisoned justice by learning several martial arts. By revenge the others, it is ventilated itself.



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