WoW Dragonflight: Levelphase und Chromie-Time

While after the announcement of the new WoW extension (almost) all the eyes focused on the new areas, the talent trees and the Dracthyr, a lot of twinkers and potential returnees ask: Will the level phase be changed with the release of DragonFlight? That developers do not plan a fundamental revision of the old zones as with Cataclysm, should be clear. But what happens to Shadowlands and Chromie-Time?

New players start on the island, veterans choose via chromia time

The short answer to this question is: hardly anything changes. The confirmed Senior Quest Designer Jackie Wiley and Game Director Ion Hazzikostas, among other things, in an interview with BlizzPlanet. Basically, players can continue to use the chromium time to level their characters in Dragonflight. The level phase via the feature will take the new extension of level 1 to 60 in the future, which means that we can also also choose the contents of Shadowlands for the levels of a character.

The level experience for new players and characters remains otherwise almost untouched. Wiley said:
[…] New players are sent from the island of the banner to BFA and then on the dragon islands. Experienced players, so those who have brought at least one character to Max Level can use chromium time, for example Level in Dranor or Pandaria or Shadowlands. But for new players it goes to the island of the banished, to Bfa, on the dragon islands. “

If you are completely new with WOW (now buying now), and has not returned to the game and has not loved a character at the maximum level, so starts on the island of the banishment, Lavels through Battle for Azeroth and can then immerse yourself in the new content of DragonFlight. Ion Hazzikostas once again explicitly confirmed that Shadowlands will be available as an extension in Chromie-Time for the Levelphase.

How Leveling 1-50 Works in Shadowlands - Chromie Time Guide!

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No more level phase anymore? Hazzikostas: “We talk about it”

Besides, Hazzikostas emphasized that the developers are aware of the fact that the maximum level could eventually reach a number in the three-digit range sometime:
[…] We know that in the year 2030 or so again in the area of three-digit numbers, and what that means and how we can prevent the same problems occur again. […] I believe I would like to find a perfect solution for it at some point. We definitely played with the idea how it would look like if we would not add or less levels with an extension, but levels give us and every RPG so much, there is a reason for that that they have proven themselves, and they are simply a straightforward path to more power, new stuff on which one can look forward to now, now also new talent points, and therefore to say we’re listening to, would raise many questions for which We have to find satisfactory answers, but we will continue talking about it. “

Perhaps the developers with a future enlargement make the level process in WOW clearly reciprocate. Until the time has come, but with DragonFlight remains at least first of all at the old 1. What do you think about that? What adjustments would you wish for the future? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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