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Inin Games and Survios announced that for today today the pre-orders of physical copies of the game Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey are available. It is via Strictly Limited Games and Gamesrocket, which you can try to get your hands on limited editions and collection of this title. In this game, players will be able to have fun solving the different puzzles in 3D, and this, as much on PS4 and PS5. It is also possible to play on the PSVR. This is a hundred new challenges that await you in this title that appears on a 9th generation of console. In short, here is the bobble 3D puzzle trailer: Vacation Odyssey.

Can You Solve this Logic Puzzle? | Fill the Purple Boxes!


100 new puzzles : From any new 3D puzzles with special bubbles, fun bonuses and objects add more depth and physics for a breathtaking challenge

Complete PSVR Support [Optional] : Virtual reality transforms players into a dragon that bursts bubbles with a prospect at the first person, and even physical interactions when associated with PlayStation Move controllers. You can switch transparently between playback on TV and VR.

3 distinct puzzle modes : Master 100 Puzzles of progressive difficulty in history mode, relax and resolve endless puzzles in infinite mode, or jump in the mode of 1v1 online, which supports matches on PS4, PS5 and PSVR.

Easy to pick up and play but hard to control : Simple orders and intuitive play mechanisms introduce puzzles in a fun and non-intimidating way.

Fantastic air : Includes a brand new partition of Zuntata, the composers of the original series!

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