Aether Gazer release took place. Now the authors of Azur Lane have its own Honkai Impact 3RD

「Aether Gazer (深空之眼)」CN LAUNCH STREAM

Today in China, a full-fledged release of action-RPG Aether Gazer, the development of which comrades from the studio Yongshi are engaged. You can also know them according to the popular Mobile game Azur Lane. At the moment, the game is available only in Chinese, but everyone can play it right now. You can download the game by links from the official site. If I don’t want to poke into Chinese hieroglyphs, but look at the game interesting, then we have a 10-minute gameplay video from Mike Fryry.

We have no information about the global release of this project, but you can be confident that it will be held in the future.

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