New World brings large April today

Innew Globe appears today, on April 25, the big April spot. There are several bug solutions as well as “Lifestyle” adjustments. We betray from Meinmmo, which is all in the update in it as well as the length of time the servers remain offline.

What are the highlights of the update? The large spot in April brings no new content, yet a number of beneficial and vital adjustments:

Lengthy term, brand-new dungeons, a dungeon finder as well as other web content are intended. All you can find in the roadmap for 2022.

If it concerns expansions in server upkeep, we maintain you approximately date in this short article.

When will the upgrade appear? The spot will be launched on April 25 at 13:00 German.

When is the following large spot? For May, a huge web content upgrade is planned, which brings among various other points the PVP fields.

A highlight needs to also be the brand-new character transfers. These can be bought for 15 euros as well as the selected personality can after that move to any type of web server – also in another region.

  • The card in outposts and cities now zoom straight in to discover light craft benches as well as NPCs.
  • The Treasure Demons, which were placed in March, are now constantly on Degree 66 in endgame areas, so as to provide far better incentives.
  • Body blocking for some employers in instances is adapted to stop ventures.
  • When getting in instances, the banners are no more received crafting advances.
  • There is a solution for the gravity well in the strike ax.
  • Lots of tiny items shed their crash, so you no longer dive over them over them in the animation.

Additionally, a total of 73 bug solutions and also numerous additional adjustments are detailed in the spot Notes. We connected you the complete spot notes listed below.

New World Spot Notes April 25th

Note: Currently, the spot Notes are just partially offered in German. We will upgrade the article if the translation was submitted.

video game world

  • Dark veils in caves at the beginning coastlines now have much less health. The fight versus veil should be hard, yet not so tough – particularly not in the starting areas!
  • The manufacturing facility master task at the beginning beach, in which new players need to create a tool, was adapted and also accepted in the last step currently also a named tool when players are lucky enough to produce one.
  • The names of 4 objects that exist as a reward for numerous jobs in briny water, and also which until now referred to tools for other locations have been fixed. This worries the benefits for the tasks “hiding games”, “the crossing of a plan”, “the queen is dead (elite)” and also “Infinite Weiher (Elite)”. The influenced tools are: razor of the occult, revenge of transducer, bow of Navarona and devil claw.
  • The task “Agreement Initiation” in Windkreis has been upgraded to guarantee that players are additionally appointed to collect the appropriate objects.
  • Fixed bug where faction goals from areas without negotiation (Edenhain, deep gorge, Bruchberg) might no longer be completed after a patch. If players visit to this adjustment for the very first time, open portion goals from these areas will immediately be quit and also missions which only need to be completed will certainly be completed immediately as well as the anticipated incentives are granted.





  • Oracle bone now shows up just at level 66 in areas with degree 60+ to ensure that players can get upgradable weapons.
  • Smaller sized fires have no accident with players anymore. No extra stumble over stones!

  • Fixed bugs, blocking certain expedition managers with the body with the body and impede it on the change to a new stage.

  • Fixed numerous mistakes where expedition bosses might not have actually been reset when players have been detaching the connection or the dungeon in the middle of in charge battle.
  • Fixed bug by which the ResPawnunktext “Expedition Entry” has not equated in other languages.
  • Fixed bug, which might protect against development in an expedition when players passed away prior to getting in an exploration.
Garden of the beginning
Lazarus instruments
  • Alluviummergel can not jump back and also land outside the Sector of the Pedell.

  • Changes made to reduce flashing lights in specific locations of the card.

  • Fixed bug if it has actually not been appropriately reset correctly when players logged out while they got on the same platform with it.
Heart of the Stormwind
  • Fixed bug where Ekheke might pass away too soon.
  • The animation in the publication of Uzret throughout the battle for damaging the corrupted pillar was fixed.
  • The amount of gold, which offers players from Bossen, was adjusted to those in other expeditions.
  • Düsterheim musket pets currently bring points if they are beat in the mutant variation of the expedition.
International mutators
  • Fixed bug by which the final bossanimations have actually not been set off after snuffing out the group.

Vital bug fixes

  • Fixed bug, which has actually ended a too soon terminated throughout the rapid trip in its own residence staff, although the world was still packed.
  • The NPC Gregory Jones is no much longer in a barrel in an enhanced trading article in Castness.
  • Fixed bug through which no Ki has shown up at a damaged portal event.
  • Rare Client Collision fixed, which might take place when filling the video game.

Fight as well as Ki

life rod


  • Fixed bug where the use of ice stalks moving might bring about a desynchronization between server and client.

  • Fixed mistakes in the strike axis weapon result “Unsatiable swell of gravity”, which led to inconsistent activation and missing graphics results. When the result is turned on has actually been eliminated, the unintentional single-end rooting of targets next to the magic woman.

  • Different tools of the black pressures have actually rolled the result of “peest pures hefty strikes”. This has been transformed to “pestic essential hits” for bow and thunderbench of black-rate as well as “revitalizing dodging” for fire rod, consistent onslaughts as well as black-rate ice stickers.


  • Occasional jerking/ desynchronization of the character when making use of the ability “Explosive Shot” fixed.
    When players at the very same time made use of key shot and skills, * Fixed bugs that were mistreated by ammunition.


  • Fixed bug where hemorrhaging through the “Eiffer Slit” impact could set off the decay time decrease in passive escape equipment “Upsurge”.
  • There are hotkeys for targeted healing. The group mode can currently be switched over on and also off with a new assignable hotkey.
  • Fixed bug, not eliminated by the buffered attack entries by tool change when made at the end of an assault.
    If area limitations have occurred, * Fixed mistakes in which standing effects obtained by furnishing tools can end up being long-term.
    When acting as well as moving of spells, * Fixed easy jerking/ desynchronization.
  • Fixed bug, by the gamer in the reaction animation could set a recoil.

When a gamer was disrupted promptly after throwing, * Fixed bug where the spear might be unnoticeable.
* Fixed bug where players had the ability to toss Speere in the war prep work phase.

When quiting the sancation to stop unintentional activation of the quick shot, * Entering barrier.

  • Random jerky/ desynchronization of the personality when utilizing the ability “raffs” fixed.
  • Fixed bug where the cam was in the hinderance of the detriment when players leapt during activation of the skill.
  • Fixed bug where the upgrade “blood scent” was for all roots, not just for those falling.
  • Fixed bug where the electronic camera stops stuck while discovery and also slowing down the gamer activity when targeting as well as protecting be used concurrently.
Sword as well as shield
  • Fixed desynchronization, which could take place in the rapid video camera overview at the beginning of the ability “back”.
    When sword and also shield were attracted, * Fixed bug where shield feature benefits were just applied. However, it still needs to be a sword to acquire shield bonus.

game settings

  • Arenas
  • Fixed errors in which world-arena managers sometimes no hostility at no combating goals caused.
  • Overview tower
  • Fixed bug where players had the ability to set off players with publication aggression at allied Lakaia.
  • War
  • Fixed bug where firms were able to affect the battle solely on the basis of their involvement in an earlier wager race, rather than simply based on their engagement in the existing and energetic race.

Economic situation and development

Vital repairing


When gathering was quit in the center of it, * Fixed bug where cumulative write-ups did not work anymore.
* Fixed errors that could go away when accumulating the sign for an active collection agency device in the Quick Fabric Port.

  • Fixed bug where the pocket effect “Animated Azoth” was not stacked with numerous pockets with the same effect.
  • Surprise gets can currently just be gathered by collectable items for which tools are required. For example, they do not go down from shrubs, pipe pistons, nuts, and so on #### Production


  • Fixed bug where player could exceed the limitation of 500 products in the stock.
  • The gems graphic impacts for Isabella’s strike ax are currently shown correctly.
  • Network clipping around the neck location for the equipment “shrouded”, “smart” and “hat of the strategy” has actually been fixed.

  • Repair of called items from the exploration “Heart of Storm Winds” can now be produced at the corresponding manufacturing terminals.

  • Fixed bug by which the production display can be shut unexpectedly.

UI/ UX/ Social

  • When players open up the card when going into a negotiation or a station, the appropriate settlement or exterior product card is automatically zoomed.
  • Changed signs for items on items now indicate whether they are completed or still open.
  • Non-equipped products currently show the correct overall damage.
  • Players can now drop numerous things in the motion throughout single opening of the supply.
  • The “Base from the Business Account” is currently impaired when the individual account is full.
  • In designated items made with rarity “impressive”, but when updating to “legendary” can obtain a 5th result, the last result in the production screen is currently presented as handicapped, to make sure that players recognize that he will certainly be available in the future yet not yet when making.
  • The placement of the job mark for things in the production food selection has actually been transformed to make sure that it covers the object picture much less.
  • The locations home window in the map screen currently has added functions:
  • The UI window has been relabelled “Take care of goals”.
  • The card can now be opened on an essential press with currently opened up destinations. The default switch for this is [i]
  • Click on “View on the map” in the journal and also the HUD now opens up the card with the Items home window open.
  • The motorcyclists in the card have actually been reorganized. The brand-new order is: Manage objectives, area telephone call, upcoming battles, areas with resources, filters.
  • The location call symbol in the map window currently changes the color properly when area points are readily available.
  • Tax obligation information has actually been gotten rid of from the UI banner while getting in a settlement to decrease it.
  • Right-click on an inventory item no much longer opens up the action food selection. This must make certain consistent procedure in menus and also avoid undesirable activities with the new feature to relocate character/ camera when the stock display is open.

  • The readability of system and also fraction messages in the chat has been improved.



Shop in the game


Important repairing

  • The inventory group “Alchemy and also Arcana” was relabelled for simpleness in “Arcana”.
  • In the EP strip, the screen remains gotten rid of EP up until the degree increase when players currently have the maximum degree.
  • Fixed errors where ammo can be kept if it has actually already been geared up as well as the exact same ammunition enter the supply was once more picked for outfitting.
  • Mistake with message overflow in the task checklist in the diary has been fixed.
    When rebooting the video game client, * The button to connect jobs ought to not vanish.
  • Fixed bugs that appear when getting in or leaving instances, such as explorations, talent banners.
  • Fixed bug, through the successes of players were not billed correctly at the start of a brand-new game session.
  • Fixed bug where a floor tile of the world map was not provided correctly for specific zoom levels.
  • Fixed bug where players whose network connection was unpredictable during trading might obtain the report “profession aborted”, despite the fact that the trade achieved success.
  • Fixed bug where compass marks for objectives from the open world could reveal in the exploration in the shipyard of the dynasty.

  • Missing translations for the message “SECURED” is included in explorations in expeditions.

  • Missing out on translations for various messages included to residences.
  • Unlimited TOOLTIP descriptions for tools control corrected.
  • Translations in the UI of the clothes production terminal adapted to prevent trimmed message.
  • The banner when approving main activity tasks is now translated right into all languages.
  • Headlines for main action tasks and also capability development jobs on the map are now equated right into all languages.
  • Missing out on translations for gameplay suggestions contributed to the charging display in the shipyard of the dynasty.
  • Faulty signs for ghost shells in the journal dealt with in non-English-speaking clients.

Regional transfers

When certain things were geared up, * Fixed bug where the preview window did not function as expected.
* The store area is currently displayed properly in the confirmation home window.

With This Update We have actually Allowed Paid Web Server Transfers That Can Be Bought Via The In-Game Shop. Thesis Will Allow Players to Move A Choice To The Available Globe of Their Choice As Long as She Do not Already Have A Character on that particular World.

We’ve So Added Functionality to Permit Players to Transfer Cross region with thesis symbols. For Cross Regional Character Transfers, Players Can Select a Desired Location Area Where The Character Will Be Relocated To A Random World Within That region. This permit Players to Then Relocate From The Random Location Globe to their Desired World Via The Standard Personality Transfer Process Using the Exact Same Transfer Symbol. Transfer Tokens Will Not Be Debited From Player’s Accounts During The Cross Region Transfer, But Will Certainly Be Made Use Of When Choosing the Desired Globe. In Enhancement to the Requirement Transfer Regulations, Cross-Regional Transfers So Need:

A Paid Server Transfer Will Certainly Expense $ 14.99, With Each Supported Region Using Another Currency Needing To Matching Price in The Suitable Local Money. Regional Prices With Local Money Can Be Established In The In-Game Shop.

  • You need to be at the very least level 25 before transfer ring
  • You should have not have any kind of residences prior to transfer ring

PRT patch notes

The Following Notes Were Included Or Transformed AS A Straight Outcome of Inner Testing Players as well as efforts Submiting Responses in The Ptr. Thanks to All Those That Took part!

World Experience

Heart of storms
Wichtige Fehlerbehebungen
  • When players get on “The Dryad Promenade” mission, they will certainly currently have the ability to grab the Protector’s Tuning Orb on beating the targeted Satisfaction of the Trees AI.
  • Upgraded the “Covenant Initiation Quest” in Windsward to ensure players are charged with gathering the correct products.
  • The quest pen will now remain on screen rather of vanishing when the gamer gets to the Genesis of Spite for the quest “A Stock of Ironwood”. We wish this causes much less complication if a gamer dies or leaves the location, because the location pen will now linger.

Mutated Tempest's Heart, More QoL & Tons of Fixes Coming To New World THIS MONTH!

  • Fixed missing accident on a number of housing furniture items.
  • Fixed an uncommon issue where if a gamer left an Exploration at the exact same time their open globe server was crashing, the entire party would accidentally be expelled from the circumstances.
  • Return to the Tempest’s Heart and also Face A New Challenge for End Game Rewards! Tempest’s Heart Is Currently Part Of The Weekly Exploration Mutator Rotation.
  • Made Changes to Guarantee Players Are Not Abble to Go Into The Field of the Last Isabella Boss Fight After It Secures to New Participants.
  • Fixed to Added Location Where It It’s Possible to Avoid Damages From Neishatun By Going Prone.
  • Fixed Issue Where Healing Effects Might Be Acquired Outside of Boss Experience Arenas.
  • Fixed to Problem That Triggered Decrease for Tempest’s Heart Managers to Need Include Exploration Equipment. You Ought To Currently See Exploration Equipment Dropping from Employers.
  • Fixed to Concern Triggering Tempest’s Heart Exploration Loot to Roll on the Incorrect Advantage Buckets. You Must Currently Lake Higher Rarity Loot Extra Frequently With Boosted Reward Spread!

Kampf und KI

  • Fixed an issue that enabled the “Shirking Stronghold” perk to pile numerous times, allowing up to a 50% Fortify.
  • Fixed an issue where swapping bags with the same weight decrease perk could cause weights being constantly lowered.
  • “Refreshing Relocate” was considered subdued on the Blunderbuss. As such, faction-issued Blunderbusses as well as the “Instigator” as well as “Nuisance 9000” currently have “Rejuvenating” instead, as well as “Pirate’s Piece (T5)” now has “Vicious” rather.
    When upgrading things to 600 GS was not activated till the player’s next play session, * Fixed an issue where a perk added.

  • Fixed a situation where attempting to place equipped bound items right into Outpost Rush storage space might possibly cause the item being permanently ruined.

  • Tool damage tooltips currently make certain elemental perk feature scaling is represented.

  • Fixed an issue that could create a war to not happen if the defending business was abandoned prior to the war. Battles ought to currently proceed customarily as well as the attacking business will have a possibility to come to be the brand-new owner.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players who are eliminated from a War/Invasion to re-signup for the wrong side.
  • Fixed an issue that avoided players from occasionally having the ability to signup for a War/Invasion from the world map (in contrast to using a territory War Board).
  • The scoreboard throughout the respawn display can now be closed with the top right close button.

  • Fire Personnel

  • Fixed a slight desync when utilizing the Fire Staff “Meteor Shower” capacity.
  • Rapier
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Riposting’ players were acquiring condition results that can not harm the player from several assaults while in the riposte protective position.

Wirtschaft und Fortschritt

Ausrüstung und Items
  • Fixed an issue triggering some named blunderbusses to use firearm appearances.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chef’s shield collection was not providing the appropriate ‚ Added Products’ bonus offer for Healing Foods in the Cooking terminal.
  • Fixed an issue where consumables or ammunition could come to be unusable after picking them up off the ground.
Belohnungen und Loot
  • Fixed an issue that was creating Tempestuous Caches to often not reward a product and not be taken in.
  • Included the new in-game gamer title “Warmonger” as a participation incentive for a recent PTR event.
  • The Regents Bow, which was available from a mission in Reekwater, has actually been changed to the Bow of Navarona. All of it’s gear score, benefits, qualities, as well as socketed treasures stay unchanged.
  • There are some very early mission items that will have their rarity categories transformed due to weird communications with other systems. The rarity for these products is changing with this update, they will certainly not lose any attributes, treasures, or advantages.
  • Watcher’s Warding Beauty
  • Constable’s Boar Spear
  • Naval Medication Breast
  • Silken Gloves
  • Tourist’s Tabard
  • Scorched Breastplate

Transformed the minimum and maximum effectiveness for a number of gathering device tiers:

  • Fixed an issue with Tempest Heart Replica crafting classifications displaying placeholder names in non-English languages.
  • Fixed an issue with the names and tooltips of “Desecrated Flesh” as well as “Madness Incarnate” products showing up untranslated.
  • Fixed an issue where talking to NPCHeloise Saville again for a quick summary after approving the MSQ quest “Encroaching Corruption” did not present text in non-English languages.

There are several bug repairs and “Quality of Life” adjustments. * The names of four items that exist as a reward for numerous jobs in briny water, as well as which so far referred to weapons for other locations have been remedied. * There are hotkeys for targeted recovery. * The card can now be opened on a key press with currently opened up destinations. * There are some very early pursuit items that will have their rarity classifications altered due to weird communications with other systems.

  • Fixed an issue that can happen at the beginning of a new video game session where gamer success did not lots properly.
  • Fixed an issue where players might move while accessing Storage.
  • Fixed an issue in the Accomplishment menu where text overlapped in some languages.
  • Fixed an issue with dropped thing bags where things were occasionally deleted after selecting ‘Take All’.
  • Fixed an issue with went down loot bags where items were sometimes erased after attempting to move quickslot products into them.
  • Fixed an issue where Schematics played gone down stone SFX when moving between the Inventory and dropped product loot bags.
  • Fixed an issue where being interrupted while connecting with a corrupted pylon would create the gamer to be not able to open their Supply till they relogged.
  • Fixed an issue with the Map where players were used to register for an Invasion prior to they were allowed to.
  • Fixed an issue in the Inventory where the upgrading with Umbral Shards really did not show the expertise need and the gamer’s present know-how degree.
  • Fixed an issue with the Agreement Corruption Breach Faction goal where the text was inaccurate.

  • Crafting menus have been updated to show the cooldown timer for recipes that have an active cooldown.

  • Handicapped the ability to drag Umbral Shards, Gems, and also Fixing Kits directly from Storage onto equipped things. This must stop instances where upgrading programs you the wrong amount of offered shards in certain circumstances.
  • Included AFK timer warnings prior to players obtain AFK began all scenarios.
  • Increased the base performance of the T1 gathering tools from 100% to 200%.
  • Elevated the minimum base effectiveness of T2 celebration devices from 125% to 200%.
  • Raised the maximum base efficiency of T2 celebration tools from 225% to 350%.
  • Increased the minimum base effectiveness of T3 celebration devices from 250% to 350%.
  • Elevated the maximum base effectiveness of T3 event devices from 350% to 450%.
  • Increased the minimum base efficiency of T4 event devices from 400% to 450%.
  • Raised the maximum base performance of T4 gathering devices from 550% to 625%.
  • T5 event base performance has continued to be the same at 625% as well as over.
Wichtige Fehlerbehebungen.

UX, UI, & Soziales.

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