Onlyfans suspended work with the authors from Russia

An Adult Content Service Onlyfans is more than Nonquiden in Russia, which was confirmed by the company’s representative of Motherboard. Onlyfans all these months tried to find loopholes for the conductivity of payments, but the sanctions inside and outside were stronger.

Russian Only Fans Models Get Their Funds Frozen Because Of The War....AND GUESS WHO IS BROKE????

Earlier in February, Onlyfans users have already received the first swallow when the service stopped its work in Russia, but then recovered. So, for example, the author of the content of Yulana reports the publication of The Insider, which was not confused and then brought all the money, but its audience decreased seven times. Now, obviously, it will be possible to receive funds only on a foreign account and a card, but you can hardly drag your audience there.

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