Phomos, Wuhan Draw Platform Lucky Union 25th Service

Formos (CEO Choi Young -young) launched Lucky2u, an infinite drawing platform, on the 25th.

Draw is a trendy commerce method in which product sales and purchases are made by drawing. It is known to consumers for the limited edition sneakers sales of luxury or limited edition products, and limited edition sneakers in Nike and Adidas.

Lucky to You on the Pomos Main Page is a platform that provides fun and prizes to consumers by combining the Lisell platform and draw system. In particular, more than 10 daily products draw and prizes can be received for free.

It draws a variety of products such as fashion/miscellaneous goods and IT, home appliances, and furniture, and maximizes immersion and satisfaction in various draws such as first -come, first -served basis, quiz, and low -cost auction draws.

Formos provides only the products that are supplied, to operate a stable and reliable platform to improve consumer satisfaction, and in addition to the highly recognized products, they will be able to win win -win with small businesses by carrying out high -quality small business products.

Drone footage captures the eerie, deserted streets of Wuhan, China
To this end, the company is trying to provide more satisfying products to consumers through weekly fair festivals.

The providers of the products selected through this fair also can inform more than 90,000 visitors of Pomos a day of their product information and secure user feedback to maximize advertising marketing effects.

CEO Choi Young Pomos said, “Lucky to You is a new service to catch two rabbits, ‘Fun and luck for consumers! Promotion of excellent products to small businesses!’ I look forward to it. ”

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