Nexon recruits FGT participants for CAS Online user communication

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung -heon) announced on the 28th that it will plan a focus group test (FGT) that collects feedback on content to strengthen communication with users in the FPS game ‘Counter Strike Online’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Cas Online’)..

The content to be tested this time is the occupation of the team mode, and you can experience a fierce battle between humans and zombies to capture the vital hubs. The recruitment is until May 16, and 48 users who have been selected as participants can freely deliver feedback on the test and improve their feelings, and the gameability of the team. After the end of the test, the developers will face the user directly to collect feedback on the content and share their opinions, and will provide a gift to the participants with a gift of ‘Nexon Cash’ as a gratitude.

The focus group test will be held on May 21 in a newly built test space near the Nexon office building. This is the industry’s largest test -only space with 104 latest PCs, multipurpose sound and video facilities.It is the best for various tests with the main test room of the PC room concept, a small user test room, and a group interview room. Provide the space.

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Choi Jin -hyuk, director of Nexon, who is in charge of the development of ‘CAS Online’, said, “I hope you will participate in the test and deliver a variety of honest and sharp feedbacks on the content you are preparing.” In the future, we will continue to implement ways to further increase user satisfaction through developer letters and focus group tests. ”

For more information on the ‘CAS Online’ focus group test, please visit the official website.

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