Dying Light 2 developer addresses whether the trimmed content could return as DLC

Luz dying 2 MAINTAnte Human The developer Techland has great plans for the future of the game, with potentially five years of material in process. In a new interview with Wccftech, the main designer Tymon Smektala was asked if part of that material could also include content that was eliminated before launch. Smektala hastened to point out that the “trimmed content” that fans usually discover in the code of a game is usually part of previous versions, and recreating them can be difficult for developers. Actually, it is much easier for the equipment to create completely new areas and content!

«It is not so easy and it is not really the way to address the production of games. Some people do not understand that when they find remains of something in the game, it does not necessarily mean that it is trimmed. In general, it is just that: remains of ancient prototypes, most of the time of preproduction or the early stages of production, traces of previous works that we lost during cleaning or that we left in the game for other reasons, ”he replied Smektala. «Recovering them costs more than creating something from scratch, even if the community creates these urban myths about them. The new DLC and another content will definitely bring new areas for players to have fun, but will be created from scratch or will use the first prototypes as an inspiration than as a real resource ».

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The cut content has always been a source of intrigue for players, which takes exactly to the type of “urban myths” mentioned by Smektala. It is very fun to see content that was once planned and ended on the floor of the editing room. However, fans often forget that the content in question was cut for some reason. Smektala’s response might not be what would have liked to listen to data, but that trimmed content could help inspire future plans for the game!

_Luz dying 2 is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. You can consult all our previous game coverage here.

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