French Days : Les chaises gaming Razer Tarok en promo

For gamers concerned about their comfort, or simply those who want to push immersion a little further, the gaming chair seems to be essential. The Razer Tarok is a well thought out gaming chair, available in several finish levels for all budgets, and at the moment on promo at Fnac during French Days from € 179.99.

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Stampered Razer , the Tarok are affordable gaming , meeting the simplest needs of gamers in search of a comfortable and stylish seat.

In its livery baptized Essential , we can imagine that the Razer Tarok armchair is not the most comfortable or the most functional. Its design siege design gives it a racy style, but the comfort is not optimal. We still have the right to some appreciable settings at the 3D armrests and the inclination of the file. Obviously, the package contains a small cushion for lumbar and for neck.

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In its “ Pro ” version, the armchair Tarok benefits from an even more racy design. He also earns several features. If we keep the 3D armrests, the folder gains in functionality and allows better finesse of the settings. We can thus block the inclination at the level of his choice, a real asset for the gamers which adopt an atypical position.

Discover the offer at Fnac

Finally, the Ultimate version, appellation synonymous with luxury at Razer , the Tarok armchair takes everything you need to make a good companion of Gaming . First, the Gaming chair is better finished, better padded, and therefore more comfortable. The folder won a Lumbar support system . The3D * armrests are still there, as well as the multifunctional mechanism of the file.

Discover the offer at Fnac

These armchairs Tarok Essential , Pro and Ultimate are not the best, but they have the advantage of being affordable and offering a nice design, racy, which will appeal to lovers of The brand RAZER . In its most accessible finish, the Razer Tarok Essential engages only 179.99 € during the French Days at Fnac . For the Pro version, you have to count € 199.99 . Finally, by adding an orange ticket, we have the right to the Ultimate version, to € 249.99 , well placed prices for Gaming armchairs with the AGUICHER LOOK.

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