GTA 5 could receive a highly anticipated technical improvement in its versions of PS5 and Xbox Series

There is good news for Grand Theft Auto 5 players, at least for those who play it on PS5 and Xbox Series. If Rockstar Games has planned some exclusive, such as the introduction of the HAO store, the latest generation machines also benefit from performance improvements and graphics.

GTA 5 In the next generation, improved rays?

A few days ago, the star firm launched a new update, on all platforms, including the PS5 and Xbox series.

In the program, some performance corrections , and if the hidden data revealed a probable next generation version planned for PC, it seems that developers are also working on an improvement in the lightning layout (Ray Tracing) .

Although the latter is already present and available on consoles and PCs, however it is incomplete. In fact, some options are missing, but it seems that it will soon be history.

Every Single NEW Feature Added in GTA Expanded & Enhanced

In social networks , one of the best known GTA filters found interesting information available through the last patch. Among these, new files have appeared, one of which is called “Environmental ocuse with lightning” and a second called “ocuse of reflection with layout of rays”. By their names, we understand that ray layout should receive some improvements in the next few days.

In addition, this also coincides with the recent discovery of the probable launch of the next generation version for PC. Perhaps developers want to offer the latter including these new improvements, in addition to the update for PS5 and Xbox Series consoles.

Anyway, we will have to wait a little longer because when writing these lines, Rockstar Games has not yet pronounced on the launch of GTA 5 Next-GN for PC.

A new DLC on the horizon?

Despite the formalization of the development of GTA 6, the study does not seem to be in a hurry with this expected work since, lately, one of the main actors of GTA 5 has caused problems within the Rockstar community .

In social networks, The actor who plays Michael, Ned Luke He was causing and preparing a new DLC focused on Michael’s character.

This hypothesis is not really crazy since the last great update of the game offered a DLC, The Contract, highlighting not only the American rapper Dr Dre, but also Franklin , one of the three heroes of the Main story.

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