The map changes from Apex Legends Season 13 Join Storm Point a prey

One can certainly say that fans of Apex Legends are very happy to update the 13th season and all the new content that is introduced into the Battle Royale – even without a new weapon. Changes to the Storm Point card of season 13 are one of the biggest topics of this new update, and the development team has revealed that the new Downed Beast Poi will be a prey hotspot for players who want to be one step ahead of their opponents.

Jeff Shaw, Lead Level designer from Apex Legends, explained the new POI “Downed Beast” by Storm Point and the associated changes to the map is in the stomach of the animal ”.

You will certainly not get a look at “Piñata-Vibes” from the Downed Beast, but this will be a popular drop spot for players after Apex Legends Season 13’s publication date-like every new POI. With the view of the best prey on Storm Point, however, it could remain a popular drop spot in the course of the season, in season 14 and beyond.

The Poi Downed Beast is located along the coast between North Pad and The Mill. Its position on the edge of the map means that it will not be as viable as a central POI. However, Shaw expressed that this was designed as a high -ranking POI, hoping that this will actually “move part of the action of barometer at the drop”.

StormPoint Map Changes Apex Legends Leak

Shaw spoke more generally about the design goals for Storm Point this season and revealed that a main focus was on “increasing the number of POIs from 17 to 18” in order to make “Storm Point as a card more competitive” – in contrast to something Remove the existing layout. However, Storm Point was developed for this.

According to Shaw, Storm Point was built “with a view to the future and viewing updates”. This enables the development team to be additive to its map updates – not destructive – and it should be something that players will see on all future cards.

But when we look back on Storm Point, the existing PVE experiences of the card for season 13 have been optimized. Shaw confirms that there will be a few new nest locations and changes to the existing nests. So… it sounds like playing Storm Point will feel much fresher than expected in the future.

If you want to know more about everything else that is coming to Apex Legends this season, it is worth reading our guide to the ranks and ranking mode of Apex Legends according to the changes. We also have information that Newcastle has a secret second passive in season 13 of Apex Legends-you should not miss this if you plan to become a new-castle actor.

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