The masterpiece FPS “Golden Eye 007” has been built for about 25 years. With N64 actual aircraft and equipment of about 1 million yen

The masterpiece FPS game “ Golden Eye 007 match mode seems to have been “individual screened” on the 25th anniversary of the release. The British Video Game Museum has been realized using expensive equipment for special events. Online match games are the mainstream, reminiscent of the former battle environment.

Golden Eye 007 is a first person shooting game released for Nintendo64 on August 23, 1997 (overseas). Rare in the UK has developed the UK, based on the familiar movie “007/Golden Eye” in James Bond. This work gained popularity, mainly overseas, and according to former producer/director Martin Hollis, more than 8 million were sold (Webarchive). In recent years, rumors of the remastered version have been raised, and there have been acts such as unofficial remake of fanmaids and requests to stop development (related article). Even this year, the 25th anniversary of its release, it is a work that remains in many fans’ chest.

“Golden Eye 007” was equipped with a mission mode for one player and a match mode for up to four players. This match mode is a split screen (screen split) that has recently become somewhat unable to see. Bring the four controllers and divide one screen into four to enjoy it. For those who have experienced those days, it may be one of the nostalgic memories. However, this screen split match has a major drawback. Due to the mechanism, the screen of other players is inevitably visible. In other words, each other’s situation can be understood by just a little aside.

The user may have made various efforts to these mechanisms. For example, he signed a gentleman agreement with “never peeping” or set up a partition with cardboard. However, as long as the same screen was physically shared, it was difficult to prevent peeping comfortably and completely. And this time, the Centre for Computing History in the British Video Game Museum has created a “dream match environment” that can output this split screen to a different monitor in a gorgeous way. The museum has released it on Twitter.

The Making Of The N64 Classic GoldenEye | A 90s Gaming Masterpiece

If you look at the above -mentioned Twitter posted videos, you can see that it is an extraordinary setup. First of all, the game is the Nintendo64 actual machine and the “Golden Eye 007” cartridge. The video is distributed to a small CRT display, not an LCD monitor. It seems to be a method in which one screen is divided into four by device and sent to each monitor.

The video also mentions the price of the equipment used for this setup as “8 Grand”. This is a broken expression that refers to 8000 British pounds or US $ 8000. In other words, in any case, the equipment of 1 million yen or more in Japanese yen has a luxurious individual screen “Golden Eye 007” match. These attempts may have been to the past, but the Nintendo64 actual and now valuable CRTs will be a special configuration.

This special match environment was built at the museum for the 25th anniversary special developer talk session held on May 7 at the local time. It may be a gorgeous setup with the meaning of the celebration of the anniversary. Former major developers such as Hollis mentioned above, David DOAK and Brett Jones. It will be talked about at the time of the development of this work.

In addition, the special match environment seems to be unveiled after being placed on the monitor. In addition, the event will be recorded and will be released later on the museum’s YouTube channel. You may be able to see further development secret stories and “Golden Eye 007” another screen match.

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