The Division 2: Season 9 and free weekend from May 13th

This is durable – the ninth season now brings new weapons and opponents, a fresh game mode is also waiting. The loot shooter can be tried free of charge as an icing on the cake next weekend.

The currently best IP from Ubisoft is finally getting a look up: In addition to the obligatory title update, the “hidden alliance” expansion is at the same time on May 12, which of course also has a new final boss ready. In order to blow out the lifestyle, however, the players first have to get rid of their followers in the form of four particularly dangerous true Sons, as in “Warlords of New York”. Only then can Captain Lewis go to the collar. The additional content is free of charge for all owners of “Warlords of New York”.

In addition to new legendary weapons, armor and general improvements, the upcoming update also finds a very fresh game mode: a kind of micro raid called “Countdown” offers coordinated co-op action for up to eight players; Success can only be dreamed of with a perfect agreement. Two teams of four start at various points in a power plant and, as the title suggests, only have 15 minutes to perform the task.

With “Know How” there is also a new, interesting sounding game mechanics: the more experience with the use of different objects, the further the underlying the underlying, such as armor, ability or damage, can still be driven up with such earned points.

The Division 2 - Cpt LEWIS! SEASON 9: Hidden Alliance - MANHUNT BRIEFING! TU15

For all players who have not yet been able to get through, Washington D.C in the Division 2 (from € 2.77 when buying), to pay a visit, from May 13th to 15th there is still the possibility of the best time To try out co-op loot shooters for free.

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