Starfield: The worst fears have arrived

The fans have already feared it, but now there is bitter certainty: The next big role -playing game by Bethesda is no longer appearing this year. We explain to you why this decision is important for the success of the game.

Starfield is moved to 2023

The Elder Scrolls in space. This is probably the best way to describe Starfield role -playing. When the 2018 brand was announced with a teaser from Bethesda, sci-fi fans were particularly enthusiastic. Instead of dragons and magic, there are now spaceships and the infinite vastings of space.

And like the Skyrim mega success once, Starfield was also to be released on November 11th. Already this year. But nothing will become of this, because as Bethesda now announces on Twitter, will appear the role -playing game in the first half of 2023.

The publisher does not call a specific reason. Instead, Bethesda refers to his own ambitions and the will to want to deliver the best possible product **.

The shift is correct and important

The shift does not really come. For months, rumored on Twitter and Reddit about a possible shift in the role -playing game. After all, there is still hardly any material ** for the ambitious project.

For a game that should appear in half a year, the is not a particularly good sign . In this respect, the reactions to the shift are also relatively neutral.

Many fans on Twitter also believe that Bethesda’s decision is correct. After all, the majority do not want a second cyberpunk 2077 , which was in a catastrophic state and has damaged the developer’s reputation.

Starfield ???? The Most Anticipated Sci-Fi RPG Grounded In Realism..

And Bethesda games in particular are notorious about numerous bugs and glitches . In this respect, we can only hope that Starfield will appear in a presentable state in the coming year.

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