Dune: Part Two: The cast grows, Christopher Walken takes on an important role

Preparations for the second strip of Dune are in full swing. After two important role could only be filled, it is now clear: Hollywood legend Christopher Walken is also honored in the sci-fi epic. Walk will slip into the role of Imperator Shaddam IV. As a ruler about the well -known universe, he was the one who left the fiefdom over the desert planet. As the head of the House of Corrino, he is also subordinate to the mighty Sardaukar, who even fought on the side with the harpages in the first strip of Dune and could almost wipe out the atreides. So far, nothing has been seen by the Padisha Imperator, since director Denis Villeneuve had decided to save his role for the second film together with some other figures. Villeneuve had planned from the start to split the book on two films, so no actor has had to be found for the role so far. In the first film adaptation of David Lynch, who was released in 1984, José Ferrer played the insidious imperator.

DUNE PART 2 - Christopher Walken Cast As The Emperor

Christopher Walken looks back on an impressive career. With films like Deer Hunter, Catch Me If You Can, God’s Army, True Romance and Batman’s return, the 79-year-old has demonstrated his talent countless times and left his mark in various genres. His cult -suspect appearance in the music video “Weapon of Choice”, in which Walken gives an exuberant dance performance, is also unforgettable.

More roles: Florence Pugh and Austin Butler play along

Walken is not the only well-known newcomer: Only recently we reported that Florence Pugh (Black Widow, Midsommar) and Austin Butler (Elvis, One Upon A Time… in Hollywood) will participate in the complex sci-fi adaptation. Pugh will embody Princess Irulan, the daughter of Shadam IV. In the book, she initially appears primarily as a historian and narrator, who describes important events about Paul Atreides. In the later course of action, however, it also plays an important role. Virginia Madsen played the role in the 1984 lynch adaptation and was primarily used in the opening scene.

Austin Butler recently became known to a larger audience with Once Upon A Time… in Hollywood, this year he will also be seen in BAZ Luhrmann’s music drama Elvis. In Dune: Part Two, Butler plays the faded Feyd-Rautha Harkonen, a younger nephew by Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. Unlike his older brother Glossu Rabban (Dave Bautista), Feyd is in the favor of the baron and is described as a clever, charismatic and determined. The singer Sting played the role in the David Lynch version.

In general, we can look forward to significantly more insights into the Harkonen-Gesellschaft in Dune: Part Two after she was relatively short in the first film. If Villeneuve sticks closely to the book template, in the second film we will also see significantly more of the THUFIR HAWAT mental, which is captured after the defeat of the Atreides.

Dune: Part Two is to come to the cinemas in October 2023, the shooting should start in summer. For the sequel, the complete line -up from the first part is again on board, so there is a reunion with Paul Areides (Timothée Chalamet), Stilgar (Javier Bardem), Gurney Hallleck (Josh Brolin) and Chani (Zendaya). Rebecca Ferguson will once again embody the role of Lady Jessica and Stellan Skarsgård is again on board as a diabolical baron. Hans Zimmer takes care of the soundtrack again, while cameraman Greig Fraser is supposed to provide impressive pictures again.

In addition to the next movie and a planned series, there are also several game projects around the desert planet. Funcom is currently producing an elaborate multiplayer survival game based on the book license. In addition to a job advertisement, the first artwork can also be seen on the official website. For strategy fans, Dune: Spice Wars is worth a look: In our early access test, we will show you how the mix of 4x and real-time strategy takes place, which already works well and what will be even better until the final release got to.

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