PS Plus could soon be real PS2

In June Sony expanded its PS Plus Service for PS4 and PS5 with additional options. In the future, three different subscription variants will be available, the more expensive also contain more advantages. In the most expensive of the three “animal”-namely PS Plus Premium-you will have access to a catalog of titles from all previous Playstation generations.

And which could be there is a lot of speculation about it. Already at the end of April it was leaked that Tekken 2, Ridge Racer 2 and some others are supposed to be a few real PS1 classics. So far it has been calmer about possible PS2 titles, but that has been in the past week.

Because by a brand registration from Universal Entertainment, it is not unlikely that the PS2 classic Shadow Hearts could celebrate a PlayStation comeback. The brand was already registered at the end of April, but the whole thing only became public in the past week. Since a brand registration usually also requires the use of this brand, Shadow Hearts could happen something in the near future and the start of PS Plus Premium would be at least an obvious candidate.

By the way, all information about the “new” PS Plus can be found here:

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this is shadow hearts for the PS2

The role -playing game Shadow Hearts was released in 2002, was developed by the Sacnoth studio and played in historical China and Europe in 1913, one year before World War I. The hero of the game, Yuri Hyuga, can turn into demons and meets Alice Elliot, a young Britishin whose father was brutally murdered. Yuri and Alice travel through China from now on and create themselves with demons, magicians and the Japanese army.

Shadow Hearts playfully combines round -based fights with the feature of the Judgem ring. Every time you carry out an attack, a ring with a rotating arrow appears. If you can stop this with perfect timing, your blows will become significantly stronger.

Here you can look at a trailer for the game:

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With Shadow Hearts: Covenant and Shadow Hearts: From the New World, two more serial parts followed before the series disappeared into the sink in 2005 and was no longer revived. Although it is one of the unknown PS2 series and may have been forgotten by many again, but the series is considered a real classic for RPG fans.

Important: So far, this is an unconfirmed rumor. So far, Universal Interactive has not yet shown what exactly they are planning with the Shadow Hearts brand. A remake or remaster would also be much more realistic in the area of the possible, one or more of the old parts of the old parts to the PS Plus Premium catalog. The next few months will show whether Shadow Hearts will really end up in service in the future.

Do you know Shadow Hearts? And would you want to play it again these days?

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