The Planet Crafter: Golden boxes – locations

In this Guide for The Planet Crafter you can find out:

  • Where you can find all golden boxes
  • Which equipment items will help you with your search and how to optimally prepare yourself
  • What is hidden in some golden boxes

Good preparation is a trump card

Some of the eleven golden boxes in the Planet Crafter has really hidden indie developers Miju Games. So that the sometimes time -consuming search does not end in an unwanted death, you should take some information to heart in advance. It starts with a stock of three to four oxygen bottles , two bottles of water and two food objects.

Also leads to emergencies all raw materials that are used to build a residential unit and the front door , i.e. three units iron, two units titanium and one unit silicon. Once built, you can refuel oxygen at any time. Then you deconstruct the residential unit again and take it with you.

Furthermore, you should make sure that you always start a search expedition with filled oxygen, thirst and life energy display. Sorts all unimportant stuff from your inventory and enlarges your backpack – if possible – at level two or three. This ensures that you can take the content of a golden box with you.

Tip: As soon as you have fully looted a golden box, you can disassemble it with the deconstruction tool . In return, you will receive a super alloy and a unit aluminum. It is worth disassembly for super alloy alone, especially in the initial phase.

Golden box west of the starting point

Location coordinates: 236: 26: 488

This box is quite close to the crash site and – if you have owned by the compass – found in no time. Start from your space capsule and run west towards a rugged rock wall, in front of which two small mounds pile up (see screenshot). You will discover a hollow between these two hills close enough at the cliff.

The box stands in the hollow and gives you all sorts of useful stuff. You get a unit Iridium, uranium, aluminum, a super alloy, an Iridium fuel rod, a rocket trophy and a golden seed , which-placed in a veggy or seed tire-generates a lot of oxygen.

Golden box on the roof of the spaceship

Location coordinates: 291: 161: 1007

Northwest of your starting position, see the remains of a crashed spaceship on a steep hill. Climb the hill and search for the roof of the spaceship. It is best to approach the roof over the small hill to the right of the spaceship.

On the roof you first go to the western end and make an 180 degree rotation. If you are right, you should look at a ventilation shaft. Immediately behind are two elevated roof areas with a narrow corridor in between . The golden box is at the beginning of this course.

Golden box at the end of the sloping rock formations

Location coordinates: 396: 7: -246

In the southern area of the starting position, after a short time you come across a small canyon that is paved with many individual, slanted rock formations. Run through the canyon and keep south until you reach the entrance of a with ice sealed cave . A few dozen meters south of it discovers her particularly large stone tips.

The next golden box is behind one of the last rock formations in this area. You don’t find them straight away, circles all rocks at the end of this sector. Your search will be rewarded with two super alloys, a unit of iridium, uranium and aluminum, a golden object in rocket shape as well as a golden seed and another seed.

Golden box in the large Iridium cave

Location coordinates: 833: 40: 1195

Planet Crafter - 11 Secret Golden Chest Locations

First stand in front of the entrance to the gigantic cave in the central plateau, from the entrance of which is continuously grown up . Now enter the cave and run in the northwest direction until you discover a slope in a small rock clip on the left that looks like a ramp. Once at the top, you march around the rock in front of you until you spotted another rock that seems like a ramp.

Scrambles up and run northeast until you get to the second rock, which seems to support the cave ceiling in this area. Another rock protrudes at the embankment at a 45-degree angle . The box is hidden in this area below. However, you can only see the box if you slowly approach the edge of the cliff.

Golden box under the bridge in front of the aluminum fields

Location coordinates: 921: 20: 360

If you move in the eastern direction from the valley in the starting area, you head for vertical elegant rocks. The area in front of it is called the central plateau. South of it is a large accumulation of strangely glittering rocks -the so-called aluminum fields.

As a demarcation between the aluminum fields and the central plateau, a kind of sink functions over which bridges made of stone at two places. Hidden Under the larger stone bridge – more precisely the stone that borders the central plateau – you will find another golden box. Attention: In the later course of the game, the depression is filled with water and you have to dive to get to the golden box.

Golden box in the back in the aluminum fields

Location coordinates: 1032: 16: 5

Run from the stone bridge from the previous site description in the southern direction into the aluminum fields until you get to another small depression. March through the sink and keep an eye out east and southeast for smaller aluminum rocks. Now turn south, so that the moon can be seen on the horizon .

Then go straight ahead, but this time with a view to the large aluminum rocks west of you. One of these rocks looks like a cave input ** or a kind of shelter. There you can recover the next box.

Golden box west of the sand falls

Location coordinates: 466: 66: 1566

To find this box, you first go to the area in front of the sand falls. Then look at the sand falls in the north – preferably so that the moon can still be seen in the top right of the Hud. Connect to the left west and run to the end to the large rock wall, which piles up next to the outer left edge of the sand falls .

In the area in front of the rock wall you can see a accumulation of large boulders . Remove a path and slowly run to the end of this little grotto. The coveted box is enthroned at the right at the end of the path.

In addition to two units Osmium , two units aluminum and two super alloys you will find an uranium burning stick, a plant with 600 percent oxygen bonus, pumpkin seed and a golden statue.

Golden box behind the sand dunes

Location coordinates: 1748: 1: 9995

A good starting point for this search is the front part of the large spaceship wreck in the area of the sand dunes. Once there, you turn northeast and always run straight without changing the course. After about 15 seconds you will reach a large accumulation of rocks from which you can look into a larger sink.

Go down into the depression, stand on the dried sand and look at the rock accumulation from a certain distance from which you came. Now search for a rock at a 45-degree angle . Among them, the developers placed the golden box.

Care: If lakes are already forming on your planet, then you have to dive to reach the golden box. But the search is worthwhile, because inside not only slumbering three different types of core, but also a unit osmium, a unit sulfur, an uranium burning rod and a golden seed (oxygen multiplier: 600 percent) as well as the golden statue of a communication antenna .

Golden box while wreck in the rock labyrinth

Location coordinates: 1484: 12: 651

After a while you can reach a labyrinth of huge, almost vertically towering rocks in the Planet Crafter in the east of the map. In the back of this labyrinth you come across the wreckage of a spaceship, the central unit of which has fallen on top of a rock **.

Not far from the entrance hatch of the stranded spaceship lies a steel beam that leads over a gorge. Stand next to it and look down. Light your view of a steel girders at the bottom of the floor, which protrudes vertically. A rock behind which a small path leads along a small path.

Follow this path to find the next golden box. The prey: once aluminum, iridium, uranium and an uranium rod, a rocket engine, a golden seed and a gold statue of your landing capsule.

Care: In the rock labyrinth you have to do jumps from a great height from time to time. In order not to lose life energy, you should equip yourself with the jetpack and light your thrust nozzles shortly before you strive for the ground. How to get the jetpack, we’ll tell you in our tips guide to Planet Crafter.

Golden box in the canyon

Location coordinates: 2157: 3: 240

Go to the Warp Tor (some call it Star Gate) and put yourself a few meters in front of the entrance to the open hatch on the left. Now turn northeast and you see the entrance to a canyon. Run into it and follow the Canyon course until you get into an area in which the canyon is fanned out.

Follow a course in the northeast direction until you get to a stone column that seems to rest tilted on the wall of the canyon. From there you can see another stone column near the right canyon wall on the horizon. She protrudes almost vertically and has no direct contact with the canyon wall.

On the right in the shadow of this rock column, the makers placed the next golden box. The content includes a rocket engine , two plants, an Iridium rod, a super alloy, a unit aluminum and another golden statue of the starting capsule.

Golden box west of the Warp Tor

Location coordinates: 929: 96: 775

To the west of the Warp Tor, some humpback rocks protrude from the sand. Stand in front of the rocks that can be seen in the screenshot integrated here and then run straight ahead. Leave said rocks on the left past you, then leave a sand hill up and leave a smaller rock on the right.

Further straight ahead west and you spotted a rock formation in front of you, in which there is an inconspicuous opening at the top in the middle. The golden box rests in it. To recover them, however, we urgently recommend a jet pack. This is the only way to slow down the jump to the box of box – and later fly out of the hole again.

This golden box gives you three valuable plants, a rocket engine, a pack of bean seeds, and – later very important – fertilizer .

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