Impressive Cosplay of Aela, the hunter from Skyrim, sends you to Tamriel

The role -playing game Skyrim was already published in 2011 and yet it itself will be released in 2022, more than a decade later, . That alone shows what a great success the title was. To date, the masterpiece of Bethesda ** is the best RPG ever for some players. Among these fans there are also really creative minds, which regularly sweeten the day with their cosplays.

Great Skyrim Cosplay

This time, Reddit user KaoliniteDeams disguised herself as Aela, the hunter. She paid attention to everything again. In front of a stone backdrop, she presents herself in full gear. The decorations of the armor are lovingly developed and in the right hand it holds a dagger. The crown is put on the whole thing by the leather gloves and the accurate face make-up.

Aela, the hunter, pronounced “Ajela”, belongs to the people of the north and is a member of the circle of the companions. In addition, it can be recruited by the player as a companion and even marriage to her is possible. In addition, Aela is a trainer for shooting art. [H2]

Aela the Huntress - Skyrim || cosplay by Lada Lyumos
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