Ken Levine is almost finished new game

Creator of Bioshock, Ken Levine almost finished with his latest project because he recently entered the last stages of production. Ghost Story Games is the team led by Levine to create their last strange vision. The game is apparently focused on narration and strange, and the team is looking for another main producer while production ends. Bioshock: The Collection is available now for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The parent company of Ghost Story Games, Take-Two Interactive, is looking for a senior producer for his next title. He is looking for a main producer who “shows empathy towards the player” and “constantly puts pressure for quality game experiences that create lasting relationships.” Since Ken Levine is already on board with this mysterious title, we expect something impressive, but strange. With Take-Two Interactive supporting another Ken Levine project, we are delighted to see what the next title of Ghost Story Games has to offer.

BIOSHOCK Creator's NEW Game Is Nearly Ready And Is Likely an IMMERSIVE SIM (Ken Levine)
Ghost Story Games and Ken Levine did not reveal when we can expect to see their new title, but it seems that production is coming to an end. The production being almost finished, it is likely that Ghost Story Games will finally unveil his new title in the near future. The previous lists for the mysterious Ghost Story Games title suggested that it would be a science fiction game with RPG elements, a mixture of genres that Ken Levine is familiar. Apparently, the size of the team has also increased, going from the first twelve employees to around 35 people who “undertook to judge according to the quality and not the arbitrary opportunity”.

Are you going to discover the new title of Ghost Story Games or are you waiting to see more from the game from the studio? Let us know in the comments below!

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