What is a cycle: border? Release date, gameplay and much more

The Cycle: Frontier is a free first-person shooter in which the main attention is paid to unknown and danger. Together with other prospectors, you arrive on someone else’s planet and should collect resources, fighting with other players and hostile creatures inhabiting the world. That’s all we know about The Cycle: Frontier.

All we know about The Cycle: Frontier

What is the release date of The Cycle: Frontier?


The Cycle: Frontier will come out June 8 , 2022 , for PC, both in Steam and Epic Game Store. You can see the start trailer for the cycle: the border of the YouTube channel or subscribe to the cycle: border on Twitter.

How to play the Cycle: Frontier

Your goal in The Cycle: Frontier- survive during cleaning as many resources as possible. There are several fractions in the game, and you can perform tasks from each of them. They can ask you to bring certain material, kill several creatures and much more. Performing them, you not only earn loans, but you can also increase your position in each fraction and unlock unique awards .

Fight first-person shooter style, and you will fight with enemy players and hostile aliens. You can play alone, with friends or strangers-just be prepared for possible betrayal. Regardless of how you play, the bets are high, since every death will cost you money.

When you are ready to leave the planet, call evacuation on one of the evacuation sites. Keep in mind that there may be other players awaiting easy murder. Other players can hear and see your evacuation ship, so before calling someone, inspect the place of evacuation.

Is there a permanent death?

The Cycle: Frontier has a type of eternal death. When you die, you will quit everything you carry on the planet. But you can store objects in certain slots to guarantee their return to the space station after your death. In addition, you can provide goods with insurance to make sure that they will survive your death.

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