Colony life sysim “CLANFOLK”, a medieval colony life that can also be fishing and trade, early access start -Developing land and built the prosperity of the clan

Developer MINMAX Games has announced the trailer on July 14, local time, on July 14, local time on July 14, a local time’s Life Sim, set in Scotland, on PC (Steam).

This work is a colony simulator set in the highlands of medieval Scotland. Players will pioneer land with the clan who will be the clan, build a house, survive the harsh winter and build the prosperity of the clan. First of all, we will build the base and farmland, which will be constructed in a wasteland of mountains, forests, grasslands, and lakes, and will take time to industrial farms, ranches, and trade. Clan continues for generations, so there are various clan through hunting, fishing, collecting, crafts, caring for children, marriage, breeding livestock, interacting with neighbors, employment, trade, etc. Let’s grow up and aim for the prosperity of the clan.

The members of the clan have their own behavioral characteristics and directly affect how they live in the colony. Some need to be afraid of the darkness and make the bedroom bright and sleep well. In addition, the environmental effects such as temperature, rain, snow, and wind vary depending on the season and weather system, which affects the burningness of objects and the fertility of the ground. The presence of clan living in the neighborhood is also important in trading, and since they have different products and items, how to replace them with highly profitable goods is the key to surviving.

About early access

The early access period is scheduled for at least six months, and it may take more depending on the development status. In the product version, content and systems are added, and the community feedback is given priority. It seems that there is no plan to change the price in the product version at this time.

The Colanfolk, a medieval colony synt, which overcomes the harsh environment and aims to prosper the clan, will be distributed early on July 14 local time for PC (Steam).

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