Exos Heroes Global Launch 2nd Anniversary Event

Line Games (CEO Kim Min-kyu) will hold a special event to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the global launch of the mobile RPG ‘Exos Heroes’.

[EXOS HEROES] Korea Launch 2nd Anniversary Thank You from the Director

First of all, by June 16th, ‘7th Anniversary Gifts for the 2nd Anniversary of Global Launched’ event will be connected to a total of 7 days, and various rewards such as 700 Jess (in-game goods), dyeing coupons, etc. Can. In addition, up to 77 heroes can be obtained free of charge through the same period for the same period.

In addition, ‘Shinhwa Hero Choice Copy Event’ and ‘Shinhwa Challenge Tasks’ will be held to easily obtain one of the myth heroes ‘Misty’, ‘Lud’, and ‘Vitru’ until June 30th.. The points earned through the myth challenge tasks can be rewarded with various rewards such as ‘Shinhwa Recruitment Ticket’ and ‘Ultimate of’.

Core Raids, where you can check the story of the Knights of the Solvent, will also be held until June 9th. It is a ‘raid coupon’ paid through the event and can be exchanged for various products such as ‘Fate Core Hero Rights’ and ‘National Recruitment Ticket’.

In addition, various contents updates such as hero balance adjustment, new mini games, and convenience improvement were made.

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