How to unlock Tailor Floor in V Riding

The floors are one of the most important elements in V Rising, since they reduce the cost of resources when using the same types of buildings. This manual has detailed information on how to unlock the floor of the tailor in V Rising.

How to get Tailor Floor in V Riding

Tailor’s Floor is a building element in the V RISING game that you can use in your office. However, before you can unlock the floor of the tailor, you first need to unlock your study.

Unlock the study

A cabinet is a place where you can discover new items and technologies. To unlock the office, you will need 40 pieces of paper, 40 boards, 8 copper ingots and 8 graves.

In addition, your study can be unlocked by defeating a boss of the 37th level, known as Nicholas the Padn.

win Nicholas the fallen

Before you fight with Nikolai the fallen, you should increase the level of equipment to 37 if you want to survive against him.

To increase the level of your equipment, you can use objects such as ruthless copper weapons, a ruthless crossbow, a complete set of armor of a ruthless night hunter or a foggy print.

As soon as you reach the necessary level of equipment, use the blood altar to track down Nikolai the fallen. Mostly you will find this boss in a forgotten cemetery in the Farbein forest.

At the cemetery, climb the steps and get to the top to meet Nikolai the fallen.

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The battle with the boss is very simple. Just use a salvo of chaos and an aphtershka, and then the rain of the bolts (an attack from the crossbow), circling around Nicholas the fallen.

Shut off his AOE attacks and continue to spit three attacks until the boss falls to his knees, indicating that the battle with the boss is over. Remove the boss by pressing F to complete the task.

As soon as you defeat the boss, you will unlock the study. After unlocking your office, your next goal is to build a tailor workshop.

How to build a workshop in V Riding

After you have completed all tasks in order to unlock the office, you can now explore the tailor workshop.

The most recommended way is to collect scrolls and use them in the office to study technologies. To collect scrolls, we recommend robbing enemy camps, and not to engage in a pharmacy, as this is an easier way to assemble a scroll in V Rising.

After the scrolls are assembled and you investigated the floor of the tailor, now you can build it using 2 tissues, 4 boards and 4 blood essences.

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