They suggest Sam Raimi to direct the fantastic MCU

After the acquisition of Fox, Disney has tried to gradually incorporate characters from which Marvel’s cinematographic world had no rights to the cinematographic world. One of the most concrete tests was in _dr. Strange 2, with some interesting cameos from Sam Raimi, director who could now be outlined to work on the 4 fans.

And not long ago it was announced that Jon Watts would put aside this project, so they are now looking for a new director who can incorporate these heroes into the MCU. Kevin Feige has made it clear that he would like to have someone like raimi, so through social networks, the actor Bruce Campbell They should ask directly to Sam.

With dr. Strang in the multivize of Madness, Raimi He has laid the foundations for everything that follows in the universe of films of Marvel, exploring in depth several alternate universes we know. In addition, it is implied that the main character must continue traveling, this after the chaos generated in the fight against the character of Wanda.

In news related to Marvel. It is reported that there are images of a canceled game of the company, this would be a MMO where the most iconic characters would meet to fight the most fierce battles. If you want to take a look, we invite you to click on the following link.

Remember that dr. Strange 2 It premieres in _disney plus on June 22.

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