Ultimate GTA ranking: The victor was dealt with after one second

Grand Theft Auto is a dominant force in the video game market! The Mobster collection has been inspiring numerous players worldwide for 25 years now. We review the specific descendants and also ask ourselves what GTA is best? Vice City, San Andreas or long-term burner GTA 5?

Which GTA part does the race?

The GTA series has actually been dominating the gangster style in the video game globe for years. But which is the worst, which is the ideal part? 8 editors have actually asked themselves this inquiry as well as created an utmost position.


In the reduced image series you can see which GTA part near the bottom and which has landed on top. They all have a particular something, but some components have actually shaped the GTA collection greater than others.

8 components, 8 editors, 8 Plätze das Ultimate GTA position has determined. It continues to be to be seen which place the hot-warted GTA 6 will certainly take.

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