Date with a beautiful girl, Dera: Revolutionary HD Meeting again

Hot Game Studio is a mobile gameDate A Live: Date a Live: Spirit PLEDGE HD, Dera, Meet again,’ Google Play and Apple App Store It was released.


Dera: The spirit HD met again is based on Japanese animation date A live. In order to prevent the end of the earth, the original worldview that digs into a conspiracy is captured in the game, and in the process, you can enjoy a date and battle with the beautiful girl spirit.

Beautiful girls have different charms and abilities, and you can taste both love simulation and action, such as defeating the spirit with power or taking away your mind.

The version released this time is a remake of ‘Date A Live: The Spirit You Meet again’ and refined the overall game. In particular, the attribute restrictions have been balanced and the story has been changed. In addition, the reorganized date mode has been added to enhance the love simulation. In addition, the original illustrator Tsunako participated in the production of in-game CG, and the original voice actor was dubbing.

A hot game studio official said, Global remed version Dera: The spirit HD, which I met again, starts a full service from today: I said.

Dera: The Spirit HD, which I met again, can be downloaded for free through the Google Play and the Apple App Store. More information can be found through the official cafe.

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