Ereban: Shadow Legacy: More information regarding the narrative stealth

Plays on your method: Every person happens with your very own design of play. Use your powers to relocate like a spirit or to strike as a harmful shadow in this fast stealth game that combines Jump ‘n’ run and also puzzles.

Take the repercussions of your action: Avoid or kill. In this globe, in which activities lie past excellent and also evil… how much are you all set to discover out the truth?

Alex Márquez, Developer & Founder, Baby Robot Games reveals: We below at Baby Robot Games as well as our author Raw Fierceness are happy to provide you our initial game, Ereban: Shadow Legacy.

We are a young indie workshop based in Spain. We have been enthusiastic regarding video games considering that youth, as well as our objective is to pass on the joy, exhilaration as well as memories that provided us this market. Our objective is to develop very enjoyable experiences with original auto mechanics, strong graphics and also exciting stories-and that’s precisely what we finish with our first title, Ereban: Shadow Legacy.

Ereban: Shadow Legacy is an action-packed, pure stealth platformer that combines spectacular graphics and cutting-edge game auto mechanics with a fascinating story in a brand-new, original sci-fi world.

As Ayana, you play the last descendant of a long-forgotten type that has the power to merge with the darkness. As Ayana, in the center of a dying, ethically gray cosmos, you need to enlighten the strange connection in between the cryptic power mega-megon center Helios and your shed ancestors. Integrate Ayana’s mastery with her magical shadow forces and also state-of-the-art devices to either deal with or mercilessly defeat whatever and also everybody that stands in the means of looking for the truth.

We are extremely happy that we have actually simply been presented in the Xbox & Bethesda Games Display, and it is an honor to give us conscious that Ereban: Shadow Legacy will be readily available from 2023 with the Xbox Game Pass and also the Computer Video Game Pass.

Ereban: Shadow Legacy is a quick, story-based stealth platform video game, in which she slides right into the duty of Ayana, the last descendant of a failed to remember type. Ereban: Shadow Legacy shows up directly for publication in the Xbox Game Pass.

Usage magical shadow forces, high-tech gadgets and also stay clear of or eliminate to uncover the reality about your past as well as locate the trick to conserving a dying, morally grey world.

Discover a passing away, stunning globe: As the last Ereban, you will experience the secret of who you are as well as what took place to your people. Cross the ruins of drab cities, penetrated sci-fi systems that are carved right into old temples, and also uncover the remains of your neglected type.

turns into one with the shadow: with the capability to melt darkness an extraordinary mix of sneak as well as shadow. Involve on your own in shadow as well as move easily through them to climb up wall surfaces, get to unattainable areas, assault them out of cover or to move them undetected.

Incorporates movement, pressures as well as gizmos: Take in Echos to get more information non-fatal and lethal shadow pressures, produces sophisticated devices as well as combines every one of this with your movement to locate as well as penetrate out lines you hide what you conceal.


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We have actually been enthusiastic about video games given that youth, and our goal is to pass on the joy, enjoyment and memories that provided us this sector. Our objective is to produce very entertaining experiences with initial auto mechanics, solid graphics and also fascinating stories-and that’s specifically what we do with our initial title, Ereban: Shadow Legacy.

As Ayana, you play the last descendant of a long-forgotten breed that has the power to merge with the shadows. Incorporate Ayana’s dexterity with her magical shadow forces as well as sophisticated gadgets to either manage or mercilessly beat whatever and everyone who stands in the method of looking for the fact.

Ereban: Shadow Legacy was unveiled at this year’s Xbox & Bethesda Showcase with a first trailer that was completely created with in-engine material. Ereban: Shadow Legacy will be published in 2023 for Xbox Series X | s, Xbox One and also Windows computer and also is offered from the initial day with PC as well as Xbox Game Pass.

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