Free drawing off, testing until 20 days of Sura, a new mobile work

Seasonal Games Korea will conduct a private test of the new RPG Sura, which is serviced from 14th to 20th.

This test is to introduce the content in advance and to increase the game completion by reflecting user opinions. Anyone who is an Android device can participate through Google Play, and if you participate in the test and access the game every day, you can get 700 times.

In addition, it unveiled the first item code ‘Pretastesura1’, the first item code to collect 1,000 times. If you collect all nine item codes released in turn from June 14th, you can get up to 1,000 times.

Sura’s book is a collectable RPG with the theme of martial arts, and was first released overseas in November last year. It focuses on the background story of conquering the Moorim world by collecting several masters.


You can collect and grow about 100 heroes divided into six attributes. The heroes have different appearance, story, characteristics, and skills, so they use them strategically to play. In addition to collecting and main stories, towers and PVPs that can be obtained are also supported.

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