Lol: The wolves of Zeu5 Bogotá dominate the upper part of the Golden League

A new day in the Golden League begins, now with the eighth date we see the most prepared teams and wanting to demonstrate new tools inside the crack, with balance changes we see new surprises in terms of champions selection but only the best The current champion Zeu5 can show the domain of the new goal, in Colombian lands ** seeks to stay at the tip of the table.

The first confrontation is from Awake Gaming against Brave Rising with a blunt domain since the beginning of the game with the Wukong of empanadita wreaking havoc on all lines to ensure the objectives and murders in their favor, the team From the awakening he managed to take things in his favor creating the opportunity to take a victory that in his favor.

In the second duel Zeu5 Bogotá, he was measured before Mayan Esports where we saw that A Zelt benefited him a lot to take a few days of rest managing to get an ahri in the middle part of the crack that would be the nightmare of the rivals when placing the In love in the right rivals to obtain an advantage that would end up giving them the victory after 32 minutes.


The third game managed to put to pro42 against Spirituals where the power of Dantesito was present with a kalist in the lower lane that tear the heart of his enemies to obtain enough gold for the objects in form Early, a duel that seemed very even but that the deer would take in their favor with great plays that gave him the advantage to close the confrontation in his favor.

To close the day we see Mayan Esports against Osaka with a Twitch in the hands of Milo that would be the cause of the nightmares of the felines because from the first instances he would take the advantage due to his aggressiveness to obtain His Power Spike early punishing his rivals on each occasion, with only 32 minutes Osaka’s team makes the Maya fall to obtain the victory.

The action of the Colombian League concludes we see the domain of the wolves in the upper part of the table, however, Awake Gaming is stepping on the heels to be able to return to the tip of the tournament, there are still a few days left to be able to move abruptly The positions of the teams, we will see which teams can advance in the next few days.

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