The Outer Worlds Pass to Anywhere Guide

The Outer Worlds Passage to Answhere is the main quest that you will need to be fulfilled to advance further in the campaign. This leadership will talk in detail about how to fulfill this quest in the outside worlds.

External Worlds: passage anywhere

You do not need to do anything special to start Passage to Anywhere in the outside worlds. This quest will begin automatically, as soon as you complete the quest A stranger in a foreign country.

As the beginning of the quest, you can pick up the holographic raincoat from the captain’s cabin to get a good piece of experience. Check the magazines nearby to also get the side quest Weapon from the Void.

This side quest is completely optional, so you can skip it if you want. Now, in order to participate in Passage to Anywhere, first of all you need to go to CPL Leonard Wheler.

During a conversation with him, you will find out that your ship is confiscated and that you will have to talk with the bait of Bedford if you want to return it. He will also provide you with useful information about the status of the pioneer, attitude to the board and quest called bottle with solution.

He will lead you to the place where you can get more quests on the ship. You can perform various quests in this area, including empty, as well as drink sapphire wine, which are some related quests in the outside worlds.

You must talk with all the NPCs that you found there in order to get more awards and side quests.

Talk to Gladys

Having finished this, you can go to the ship to get to Rest-N-GO. There you can find Gladys and try to get a navigation key to get to Stellar Bay.

Here you will learn that she has only one rather expensive key. It will cost you 10,000 bits. If you do not have 10,000 bits, you can ask her about the possibilities that she can offer you.

If you ask her about this, she will want you to investigate the distress signal from Rosuei. Aunt Cleo left Rosway many years ago, and Gladys thinks that there is a secret.

Having completed this, you will receive the quest Dislegence. You can also ask her a few more questions, and when you are going to leave, she will give you a purple berry bunch.

Talk to the bail of Bedford.

After that, you can advance further in the quest Transition of anywhere by talking with the bail of Bedford on the promenade of the pioneers.

Here you should pretend that Alex likes him, and he will relieve confiscation. You will also receive 16000 XP for efforts made here.

After that, he will also ask you about Fineas Wells, as Alex was about to pass him. Here you must tell him that Alex never mentioned Wells during a conversation with you.

The conversation with him continues, so you should also take this opportunity and ask him about Doyle.

During your conversation with the udon, you will also undergo some dialogue checks, which are given below.

First, you must tell him about Lex’s death, and after that you can choose the option regret your loss and What was your relationship with him?

This has two lies checks. After that, you can mention that you know where you can find Wells. This will open one more check for lies.

This time you can tell him that it was a joke, and then choose any option in the next two dialogs, until you get the option ask him for what reason.

You must choose this option, and then you will receive a test of lies along with a conviction of belief and intimidation.

Complete the Viseling Signal Investigation

The distress signal Gladys will direct you to the landing site of Rosei Terra-2. It will also include the new side quest Rock that has come to Rowzway.

Return to the Gladys on the pione as soon as you finish in Rosue. Return all the secrets that you have not returned, and it will compensate you for them. You should have enough money to pay gladis for three puzzles and the corresponding side missions.

You will receive a reputation as a pioneer, and the task will be updated after you have a navigation key. Now you have to talk with Phillas Wells, but first you can see Lily Hagen in Sublight Salvage. This will launch the Salvager in the Sky quest.

Talk with Wells

After that, you can return to unreliable, and Ada will contact Welles. This time he will tell you why your next destination is the monarch. You will receive a new quest called Radio Free Monarch together with 33,000 XP.

Thus, you completed your quest and filled your magazine with a bunch of other quests that will help you help fractions and comrades and continue the main story.

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