Overwatch 2 future roadmap announcement. Extra -distribution content and the abolition of the treasure box are also revealed.

Blizzard Entertainment held a free FPS overwatch 2 information on June 16th. In addition to future roadmaps, it has been revealed about the introduction of the season system and the abolition of the treasure box.

Overwatch 2 is an online battle FPS game currently being developed by Blizzard Entertainment. As a change from the previous work Overwatch, the number of competitors is 6-6 to 5-5 (1 tank, 2 damage, 2 support). A full-fledged PVE mode will be released in the future, and will be released as a basic play free title. First of all, it will be distributed early from October 5 this year based on PVP content.

In this information public event, the changes from the previous work in Overwatch 2 and the future roadmaps were revealed. First, this work has introduced a new season system. It seems that free updates will be distributed every 9 weeks. In Season 1, which will begin on October 5, Sogyon and Janker Queen, unpublished support heroes will appear. In addition, additional game modes and six new maps will be implemented. Heroes and maps seem to be regularly implemented in the following season.

In Overwatch 2, the treasure box that was in the previous work was abolished. This is a route box cosmetic obtaining system, and players get a box through gameplay and a small amount of billing. It was a mechanism to open a box and get random cosmetic items. On the other hand, in Overwatch 2, the route box is gone, and it is possible to obtain directly cosmetics items through battle passes and in-game stores.

The PvE mode, which will be the pillar of this work alongside PvP, will be implemented in the season after 2023. It also supports cross-processing. It seems that play data can be shared between the platforms developed by this work.

Overwatch 2 will start distributing early access to PC/PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch.

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