Lol: bites that hurt but only Zeu5 Bogotá can give in the Golden League

One more date in the Golden League that puts all the teams to get the ace under their sleeves to find the last points that could help you get a better position in the table, on the one hand we see the wolves that remain in the upper part From the table but has a rival stepping on his heels, the average table could have a few surprises depending on what happens during the day.


The first duel would be between Awake Gaming against Spirituals seeing the appearance in the crack of a Zeri in the hands of Zantimon with the impact very positively to the Awakening team, showing a forceful teamwork with which they would take The life of the rivals the AG team took the lead and did not release it during the match to take a solid victory.

The second game shows Zeu5 Bogóta against Osaka getting a zoe in the hands of Zelt that would be the magician of the disappearances managing to erase the rivals from the first minutes, taking a great opportunity for the wolves who showed all the all the Fangs to conquer the confrontations making clear his domain before the rival to take victory in his favor.

In the third confrontation Brave Rising faces Spirituals with Swain’s power used by Melkior who demonstrates an exceptional management of General Noxiano in the middle part of the map to destroy his rivals, a confrontation that became On the brave side to get the advantage from the beginning by putting the game with triumph in his bag that benefited him in a good way.

The last game of the day placed Pro42 against Mayan Esports where Catan would be the protagonist of the encounter with a tristana that placed the bombs at the right time to deton I find the pillar with which they would take the reins of the game in their favor to get a victory to the bag.

The date number ten of the Golden League of Colombia concludes with the wolves in the leader but with a single victory of difference against the dawn team, with less and less dates the teams seek to enter the Playoffs phase, the squads continue to show new strategies and surprises within the tournament to achieve this objective.

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